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Playable Support Characters

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Greeting Kakarot Fans!

This mod unlocks the restriction from Support Characters, making them playable.

Despite that they are unlocked, don't forget the fact they were designed as Support Characters. That means they are only capable for Free Roaming and Fighting with Limited Abilities. Don't try to use them for other activities because it can crash your game!

Create a ~mods folder at DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT/AT/Content/Paks and put the pak file into it.

Create a ~mods folder at DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROTATContentPaks and put the pak file into it.

Making Support Characters Playable


Leave a Reply

  1. Sadies says:

    epic, glad ppl are still modding this. Think you can do playable Vegito?

  2. nokknz says:

    Awesome! I just wish I could play as fat Buu 😀

  3. Kid Goku says:

    Awesome Mod im just curious could you maybe add free roam ki blasts after all if you add them you could tkae down bases and dinos!
    if not thats still fine if you know how to do this a mod that allows to adjust the partys level would be amazing too!

  4. timaz987 says:

    this file needs updating for version 1.70 i’m trying to use the mod and its not unlocking any of the usable party characters.

    1. ssjatys says:

      It’s working fine. The problem is on your side. Make sure to follow the instructions properly.

  5. giggygoku268 says:

    I like it, but could Vegito or Gotenks be used?

  6. i would love to see someone make a GT Kid Goku mod over Goten now that we have this

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October 1, 2021