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UE4 INI Tweaks

Here are some useful UE4 .ini tweaks For Improving TAA Quality, View Distance of various objects & Meshes, Sharpening of overall image and Unlocking FPS, as while as Disabling GFX effects which can't be disabled individually in-game.


  • Optimized TAA Tweaks to reduce AA line Jitter and Increase AA Quality
  • Increased render distance for static meshes and foliage (minimizing "popping in")
  • Gives you the option to disable specific GFX Effects (Bloom, Chromatic Aberration, Lensflare, Motion Blur and DOF)
  • Reduces Blurriness of image through Tonemap Sharpening
  • Unlocks FPS, Doesn't remove FPS limit for videos  * To Unlock FPS Go HERE , You can also change the FOV with this too.


Copy the .ini file to: %LOCALAPPDATA%ATSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor


Just Copy Paste %LOCALAPPDATA%ATSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor in you windows search bar than place the file in from this mod there.

  • Just Copy Paste %LOCALAPPDATA%ATSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor into the Header of an open File Explorer window, then hit Enter


Or Try

  • Pushing Win+R on your keyboard, then pasting it into window that appears and hit Enter.


Or Or Try

  • Just put this in your File Explorer Header C:Users(your computer name)AppDataLocalATSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor , then replace (your computer name) with your computers Username.

         Like so C:UsersNeorwinAppDataLocalATSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor



Editing Settings

INI file is set to Read Only so if editing turn this off then make your changes, remember to turn Read Only back on after making your changes and Saving.


To enable or disable different Settings Look to the image above.


If this mod is taxing your computer to much and you need more performance, start by reducing both "LODDistanceScale" variables and "r.ViewDistanceScale", or even remove a line completely. That way you can see what line is causing the performance drop an make changes to your liking for that effect, remeber that this will come at the cost of view distance quality and " More pop in".

"r.StaticMeshLODDistanceScale" needs to be set higher, "foliage.LODDistanceScale" and "r.ViewDistanceScale" needs to be set lower to gain performance. Default for all lines is 1.



Change Sharpening value

Removed Unlocked Fps Line, Go HERE Instead



Fixed a mistake in file

Added new instructions to Install Section and an Image to Gallery



Made some changes to r.StaticMeshLODDistanceScale and foliage.LODDistanceScale, for better performance and LOD Quality.

Added Ability to Disable Fog, Change Tonemapper, Adjust Brightness and to Turn Texture and MipMap streaming off for faster loading of LODs and MipMaps.

Added Comparison Images


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