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Mafia 2 The City of Lost Heaven Map Mod

Finally it happened! We present you a Lost Heaven map from Mafia 1 to Mafia 2. In that mod we tried to rework absolutely everything, this mod can be called Mafia The City of Lost Heaven Remastered. We have included all locations from Mafia 1 in that mod. Even this from missions. The mod works with almost every free ride, you can drive to Lost Heaven by special bridge so later if you want you can just come back to Empire Bay!

Readme included in few languages (PDF files) (English, Polish, Czech, Russian)

We invite you to our Discord server

Translocator (city_crash objects added) to entire map (Countryside will be developed in the next version) (Lights, telephone booths and other crash objects)

Fixed many bugs and glitches Added winter version of map (Thanks to Cukier and his Sweetwinter mod to Mafia 1)

Added all locations from missions in Mafia 1 (Thanks to T3mas1 and MafiaUnity Dev Team)

Remastered Racetrack

Replaced many objects like billboard trees (low quality trees) to that from Mafia 2

Adapting the map for traffic in future


Fixed bug with Autosalon (Diamond motors) - weird plane mesh deleted


Missing objects added.


Fixes on collision (cook collision)


Guide in PDF


Shadows fixed


Remastered Salieri Bar (You can buy alcohol etc)


SoundSectors added (Sounds in the city)


Actors added to map (animated objects like windmill close to Motel Clark)


Many other small fixes and additions

Currently there's no traffic or peds on Lost Heaven map, we will work on this in future versions.


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January 23, 2020