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Mafia 3 How to play only main missions!/No side missions at all! (Savegame)

Many people does not like Mafia III because of the repetitive side missions through all the game.

So in this link, you can download the savegames from Mafia III which will allows you to play only the main/story missions in the game. (the download option is at the bottom of the page)

- Extract it using WinRAR program.

- At the beginning start a new game and play to the moment when you meet cassandra at her home, where she will give you your first mission. (about 3 hours from the beginning) - Then quit the game and paste the first savegame (which will skip the side missions). Then go back to Mafia III again and keep playing until you finish the main missions, then paste another save... and do the same all the time.

There is a video how to find savegame:

If you have a season pass, the game will take you the same amount of time to finish as Mafia II approx 10-15 h.


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