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Siren Control (turn on only police lights without siren sound)

  • Video
  • 1.2.0 video
  • 1.0.0 video



  • This is a Lua script. You must have the Lua Injector installed to use it.

Change name to your preference. Use mafia injector, and then press F7 (or the one you selected)

  • Controls: Siren on: "K" Siren off: "L" Police Beacon on: "G" Police Beacon off: "H"
  • Follow this guide if you want to leave your police beacon on (like in the video) 1. Enter into a police vehicle and turn on the beacon with the script button, in this case is "G" as stated in the controls section. 2. Press F and when Vito begins exiting the car you will see the beacon turns off automaticly. 3. Quickly press "G" again to turn on the beacon on and you will se how Vito is out of the car and the beacon flashing.
  • This has to be done in c couple of seconds, because the stepping out of the vehicle animation doesn't take forever. If you want to keep the siren sound on when leaving the cop car, just do the same as above but pressing default key "K" to leave it on like in the video. Hope you like it, this is my first script. I'll try to make it better and more comfortable with the keys.


  • Scroll down to the "Installation" section to learn how to install this mod.


  • Drag the Lua script (.lua file found within the downloaded .zip file) to the "userscript" folder found within your Mafia II directory and rename the file to match the name of a keyboard function key (eg. F3, F4, F5, etc.). Once in-game, and after you've run the Injector (see below), press the function key after which the downloaded Lua script is named. For example, if you've named the script "F3", press the "F3" key to run the script.
  • This is the path to the "userscript" folder: "C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Mafia II/pc/userscript".
    • If you've already installed the Injector and the "userscript" folder isn't there, create it.

Using the script:

  1. Launch Mafia II and get in-game.
  2. Press "Alt+Tab" to minimize the game.
  3. Navigate to your "pc" folder.
  4. Run "mafiainjector.exe".
  5. Return to the Mafia II window.
  6. Resume the game.
  7. Press the function key after which the downloaded Lua script is named. For example, if the script's name is "F3", press the "F3" key to run the script.
  8. Press the buttons on the controls section to control your siren and beacon.

Version 1.2.0 - Added beacon control. In this new version you are able to keep siren on after leaving the police vehicle.

Version 1.0.0 - initial release.


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