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  • Mod contains a graphical modification/improvement. it might affect your game performance (FPS loss) to some GPU cards. especially the older one.
  • If you have a good GPU but still having massive lag, try turning down the APEX PHYSX (i recommend to low), the game will run back to normal with no fps loss. tested by me.
  • I got 50-60 FPS on High setting with Mod on:
    • Intel Pentium G4560
    • MSI NVIDIA GTX 1050 2GB
    • 8GB Ram DDR4

[PC] [ReShade Preset] – CLARITY – for Mafia III by BaSe


  • Clarity
  • Curves
  • Deband (subtle)
  • FXAA
  • HighPassSharp
  • Levels
  • LumaSharpen
  • Tonemap
  • Vibrance

What does it do?

Removes the yellowish, brown tint and the absurd amount of blur.

What do I get?

A “clean”, much sharper and smoother looking game.

No need for fancy cinema effects or oversaturated colors…it’s New Bordeaux not Hollywood.

Performance hit?

~ 10 FPS worst case @ 1920×1080


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Thank you very much!

Colour Correction / Blur Removal


4.1 Before and after screen shots –

The reshade and all updates can be found here, along with installation instructions –

To get your steam overlay working you have to rename d3d11.dll to dxgi.dll please note this will crash your game if you have any backround injectors running eg Msi after burner, fraps etc.

I’m now fairly certain most of the crashes are due to the game being unstable that by adding an injector to it it just gives it more reasons to crash. At this point in time I’m exhausted for options. If you’ve tried everything suggested on my preset page it might be best to wait for an optimization patch.

I really appreciate all the kind comments you’ve all left. It means so much to know people appreciate your work. Thank you.

Thank you to It’saGundam for the youtube video.