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It’s War Time! Realistic Damage + Difficulty mod

It’s War Time is a mod that aims to turn Mafia 3 into a more realistic and fast paced shooter by increasing the damage you deal to enemies encouraging you to be on the move and leave cover more often. I recommend you play on Hard Mode!

  • No more throwaway weapons that become useless as you progress. Normal pistols and SMGs kill in just a few shots to the torso. Even grenade launchers are a more viable option.
  • Shotguns, Revolvers and Sniper Rifles are significantly more deadly as they are one-hit killers if you land a direct body shot at most distances.
  • Assault Rifles and Carbines give you the results you expect from them… a high kill count.

Aside from your damage to enemies the mod also features..

  • An optional Increased Difficulty version for those who find the game too easy (located in file). Essentially adds Very Hard and Clay Must Die difficulty modes to the game replacing Medium and Hard mode (still labeled Medium/Hard)
  • Increased friendly henchmen damage
  • All DLC outfits unlocked (DLC required)
  • Cars are more easily destroyed
  • My Ryo from Shenmue patch on Clay’s outfit IS NOT included (let me know if you want a copy of it)

My first full mod for Mafia 3 so please let me know how it is!

Black Default Coat Mod

A simple black coat with undershirt. I think it makes Clay look a bit more menacing.

My first texture mod creation or alteration of any kind here so let me know how it works!


I piggybacked off of alexnoncreeper’s “Punisher Default outfit” mod found here: LINK.

A lot of people are complaining about his mod not working for them.. I believe it is a patch issue so I decided to help revive the mod for up to date users while still crediting him and making slight adjustments