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Anna of Arendelle

Original model by Jam City
Converted to Mafia by huckleberrypie

“Do you want to build a snowman?” ~ Anna

Frozen ain’t complete without Elsa’s goofy yet lively little sister, Anna. Took me some time to rig her but it was all worth the trouble experimenting with a newer 4DS plugin.

This one’s a demo for Pudingus’ 4DS plugin for 3DS Max. While Duelist’s take on the import/export tool is fine for what it’s worth, Pudingus’ work is also promising as it imports and exports faster and handles UVs, LODs, normals and weights much better.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER/FOR PARENTS: This mod is for mature players only and is made for parodic purposes which falls under Fair Use. Due to the graphic nature of this game, this is definitely not intended for small children or sensitive audiences. I am not responsible for any ruined childhoods that may ensue from this mod. Any so-called “kids videos” using this mod are not my work and I have absolutely nothing to do with them. Please guide your children about internet use accordingly and observe proper judgement online.

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