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Perfect Starter Save (Deluxe Edition) + Modding Racket Earn (Cheat Engine)



This will only work for you if:

(1) You have all DLC:

  • Season Pass
  • Faster, Baby!
  • Sign of the Times.
  • Stones Unturned.
  • Family Kick-Back Pack.
  • Judge, Jury & Executioner Weapons Pack

(2) Your game version is 1.090.0. I am not sure if this save file is compatible with game version 1.090.1 or even newer ones (as far as I know, 1.090.0 and 1.090.1 are the latest versions of the game as of this date of February 2019 where I published this save file) so if you will use this save, backup your saves first. You have been warned.



  • Current mission in this save is “That’s The Plan, Padre”, which is the mission that you get directly after getting your stuff back at Sammy’s upon waking up from recovery (meaning, I haven’t went to Donovan yet to start that mission). This save basically just skips the prologue.
  • All Collectibles (except the ones in Burke’s, Vito’s, and the Northern most part of the map because there’s no way to get them at the start of the game) & All TL-49 Fuses (except the ones in Sinclair Parish since it is inaccessible until you start “Faster, Baby!”) collected.
  • All the scattered money within all enemy rackets/establishments/outposts/standby areas in the whole game that can be accessed at the start of the game (meaning, I didn’t get the ones within places exclusively accessible only through a mission or missions simply because I can’t) collected (this doesn’t affect gameplay in any way so don’t worry. I tested it myself; everything works as it should in the same way even without collecting all that scattered money). Take the time to still look around in these places though for the readable notes (where you have to press and hold E/X/Square (depending on what you’re using as either keyboard or controller to play the game) to read these notes that are scattered throughout the game. You can easily spot these readable notes by using Intel View since it lets you see things even through walls. Use Intel View while you’re inside and/or extremely near the building since they will highlight where the readable notes are during gameplay 🙂
  • Money (Wallet) = $9,999,999, Money (Safe) = $479,999,952, TL-49 Fuses = 9999
  • The current weapons that you are carrying are the Micro SMG and a Long-Scoped Sniper Rifle. I found these two weapons to be the most useful in any combat situation (at least, at the start of the game). You can change the weapons to the ones you think is the best for your play style once you unlock the Arms Dealer, where you can buy weapons and items from as well as the weapons you will unlock later on as you progress through the game. You’re also fully stocked with Molotovs and Grenades.
  • You’re fully stocked with Medkits and wearing your battle-ready Tac-Vest or Armor in 100% condition.


If you guys want to view the pictures I uploaded for this mod more clearly (since most of them looks small and hard to see, especially if you’re trying to see the numbers of the money and the Underbosses’ Current Earns and any numbers in general, not to mention Mafia Mods lacking the option to zoom in to the pictures), just right-click on any of them and select “Save image as…” to download the image and see it for yourself. All the pictures (except the Mafia III Deluxe Edition picture) all came from my own copy of the game so there’s no deception here or anything like that 🙂