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Roll Down Windows (Script)

So, I decided to update the roll down windows script for Mafia 3. Turns out, they were the same functions! Minus some simplification of the exact function itself! 🙂

This features both “Auto” versions and “Full Control” version.

Auto Feature:
When in a car, press F1 to reload scripts and automatically roll down the driver window. 🙂

Keys: CAN BE REMAPPED! Open “Open Window.lua” in Notepad and edit the keys from there! 🙂

Full Control Features:
The keys listed are the numbers above your QWERTY keys. ?
1 – Open driver window.
2 – Open passenger window
5 – Open Left backseat window
6 – Open Right backseta window
7 – Close driver window
8 – Close passenger window
9 – Close left back window
0 – Close right back window

Vehicle Controls


Mafia III SriptHook


Copy the .lua file into the scripts folder in your Mafia III directory (Default for steam is C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Mafia III\scripts).


Remove the .lua file from your scripts folder.


Default keys are:

“Question Mark (?)”: Turns engine off. To turn it back on tap “W”

“Comma (,)”: Turns headlights on.

“Period (.)”: Turns headlights off.

Simply edit the .lua with a text editor and change the keys to your fitting.