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Minecraft Dragon Ball – Sacred World Mod

Using this Sacred World mod, a new dimension can be reached by building a portal with smooth quartz and adding water to it. You can wander through this dimension and explore how the world of the Kais (from Dragon Ball) looks like.

Added New Blocks

  • Sacred Stone
  • Sacred Wood and Planks
  • Sacred Leaves

Added New Structures

  • Trees and Bushes

Multiple Biomes in the new Dimension:

  • Plain Biome (similar to the overworld one but with SacredWorld features)
  • Lake Biome (will spawn with lakes)

Making the Portal

  • Place smooth quartz formed like a nether portal
  • Activate it with water

Dev Mode functions

  • Displays Frames per Second (FPS)
  • Displays Clicks per Second (CPS)
  • Displays Mouse Polling Rate (Hz)

Special Thanks to Jamon for putting great efforts to help us make this Dragon Ball mod a reality. Also, thanks to Click Speed Test for sharing mouse-related APIs for Dev functions.

How to use: Use it in the "mods" folder in a minecraft directory where forge is installed. This mod is programmed for 1.16.5. This means that any 1.16 Minecraft-Version and probably version higher than that will work for this mod.

Version 1.0:

  • Removed SacredGrassBlock (cause: useless)
  • Changed Sky- and Watercolor in SacredWorld Dimension
  • Added Tree functionalities
  • Added recipes for new woodtype
  • Added Lake-Biome for dimension


Version 0.1:

  • Added Dimension
  • Added Plain-Biome for dimension
  • Added SacredStone-Block
  • Added SacredGrass-Block
  • Added new Tree type (Log, Planks and Leaves)



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