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Better Black Hole Icon

This mod replaces the default icon (black & white star) used to mark black holes in the galactic map with the actual icon (swirly thing) intended for the purpose.  Cheers!

Modifies: GccGalaxyGlobals

Note:  The purple icon from previous versions no longer exists in the game files.  The new icon is plain white with a hexagonal border.

Icon file used: GMAP.BLACKHOLE.DDS

Locate the No Man's Sky Program Files folder.
Unzip the distribution file into ../GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS/
Delete any previous versions of this mod from the above folder.
Rename or remove the file DISABLEMODS.TXT from ../GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/

Feb 5, 2021 - Now uses the icon with a hexagonal border (GMAP.BLACKHOLE.DDS).

Feb 3, 2021 - Updated to support NMS Next Gen, version 3.15

Oct 4, 2020 - Updated to support NMS Origins v3.0x

8/15/2020 - Verified working with Desolation v2.62

7/23/2020 - Updated to support NMS Desolation, version v2.61

6/14/2020 - Updated to support NMS version 2.52 (Crossplay)

5/14/2020 - Verified v2.41 is working with NMS Beyond version 2.42

4/9/2020 - Version 2.41 - Updated to work with NMS Beyond v 2.41 (Exo Mech Update)

3/5/2020 - Version 2.32 - Updated to work with NMS: Synthesis v 2.32 (Living Ship Update)

1/28/2020 - Version 2.26 - Updated to work with NMS: Synthesis v 2.26

12/17/2019 - version 2.23 - First version.  Works with NMS: Synthesis v 2.23



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