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BudzFX 1.3.1 | Reshade Preset

Now with FPS Friendly version

Full Screenshot Album Here

If you're having any issue please make sure you are using V.1.3, and and read the notes below. If you still are having issues please let me know!


If you're having performance issues try the FPS Friendly version, which doesn't include FXAA, DoF, or Debanding, along with a few other adjustments

FPS Friendly Version Here

My reshade edit that includes:

*-only in main version. (the one on this page)

  • Lumasharpen
  • *FXAA
  • *Dynamic DoF ("Home" Key to toggle on or off)
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Gaussian Bloom
  • *Debanding
  • Curve adjustments
  • Gamma adjustments
  • Tonemapping

*If you're experiencing strange flickering or the Reshade won't load, make sure you have the lastest OpenGL drivers. 

Drivers Found Here

*On startup there is a yellow "error" message. Ignore it; it means nothing* Fixed it 1.3.1. Not a necessary update unless the message bugs you

*Make sure to disable any in game AA. I also suggest forcing Anisotropic  filtering through the Nvidia Control panel, and turning it to "1" in game.*

*Please keep in mind that with DOF there is sometimes slight blurring with the HUD/text. Nothing can be done about it unfortunately.*

*There is an FPS drop of around 5~(10 with DOF) when using this reshade.*

*All screenshots taken with this reshade + Wretched_Heathens Scanline/CA/Vignette be-gone*

*I also suggest using MilkBreakTime's No fake rim lighting mod.




Simply extract the Reshade folder, reshade fx, and opengl32 file to "No Man's Sky - Binaries"

1.1 - Disabled DOF/SMAA until I can find a fix for them causing terrain to become dark

1.1- Some small sharpness, contrast, and saturation adjustments.

1.2- Adjusted the HDR so it's not so harsh.

1.2- Added FXAA as the games AA is horrible.

1.3- DOF is back!

1.3- More color adjustments.

1.3.1- No more "error message" on startup.


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