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Chozo ReShade


The above screenshots start with ReShade Off first, and then ReShade On in the next screen shot. Before & After style


Chozo ReShade is a preset that aims to bring a darker, mature, and modern sci-fi look to No Man's Sky. 

This is a WIP preset utilizing ReShade 3.0 beta 

ReShade 3.0 allows in-game editing through a GUI. To toggle the GUI, hit Shift + F2.

Under the Settings tab of the GUI, change the Performance setting to Configuration in order to edit/toggle effects.

Effects Used:

  • Ambient Light
  • Bloom + Lens dirt
  • Curves
  • Filmic Pass
  • Levels
  • LumaSharpen
  • SMAA
  • Vignette


  • There is no way to toggle all effects off at once yet. You will have to hit Shift + F2 and individually untick the effect checkboxes.
  •  A small number of people may have to toggle off SMAA to avoid cloud layer issues. A step further to avoid this issue is to go into the ReShade Folder and delete the SMAA.fx and SMAA.fxh files located in the Shaders Folder. Use in-game AA instead. 
  • It has been reported that AMD Gaming Evolved causes effects not to load, make sure that is not running.
  • It has been reported that Sonic Suite 2 from some Asus motherboards interferes with ReShade. 

Performance Hit

Expect a 10-30fps drop depending on your hardware. At 1080p, I get 80+ fps into the 100s. At 1440p, I get 60 to 80 fps.

My system specs: i7 4790k @ 4.5 Ghz, GTX 1080 SC, 32GB RAM.

Recommended Mods


I have not tested this with the Instagram Filter Remover mod. It's not necessary and I recommend you try without it first.

Step 1.

Put the ReShade folder, ReShade64.dll and the ReShade64.ini in your NMS Binaries folder.

Note: If you don't use NMSE, rename both ReShade64.dll and ReShade64.ini to opengl32.dll and opengl32.ini

Step 2.

If you downloaded the game itself to your local C drive, you are now finished. 

If you downloaded the game to a separate SSD or HDD like me, open up the ReShade folder.

Find the ReShade64.ini found there, take it and overwrite the original one located in your NMS Binaries folder.
Now open it up like a notepad and change the D: to whatever letter you called your SSD or HDD.

Do this for the EffectSearchPaths, TextureSearchPaths, ScreenshotPath, and PresetFiles under [General] section.

Note: If you bought the game through GOG check the comments for a copy/paste for the file paths I made for another user. 

Step 3.

Enjoy :). Please feel free to share your screenshots, I'd love to see them. 


Remove the ReShade64 folder, ReShade64.dll, ReShade64.ini and ReShade64.txt from your Binaries folder. 


  • slightly toned down curves/levels to balance shadows 
  • tweaked vignette in order to reduce/remove banding at night and in space. 
  • began tweaking Marty Mcfly's DoF, you can turn it on yourself in the ReShade GUI
  • slight increase to ambient lighting, increased visibility of lens dirt as well
  • minor bloom tweaks

1.0 - initial release


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