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Clean Icons

Icon replacement pak for No Man's Sky.

After making the adjustment for Hi-Res Icons I realised the game's icons could do with a pass at cleaning them up. This pak contains borderless, adjusted icons for use in the game following the existing theme and iconography, and aiming to appear more modern than they do out of the box.

If you are currently using the Hi-Res Icons pak then it's best to remove that and use this in it's place.

As with most mods here unzip the archive, and place the pak file into the GAMEDATA/PCBANKS folder. Also recommend deleting the SHADERCACHE directory as well, and then run the game. 

To remove it simply remove the clean icons pak, delete SHADERCACHE and restart the game once more.

v0.1 - Initial version, containing most/all the planetary and building icons. Will tackle resource icons in next version.

v0.2 - Decided I wouldn't be able to sleep without adding the resource icons, so they are in there with little chevrons beneath them to differentiate them from the objective/building icons and indicate they are marking something on the ground.

v0.3 - Resource icons reverted to simple diamond shape, and lightly up-ressed. Also all icons generated without mipmaps to hopefully address the blurry issue some people are seeing. 

v0.4 - Added missing in-space resource icons (re: Spyker's comment), and modified large size icons to try and keep them sharp when zoomed in using the scanner. 


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