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Today's final part for the X3000 series balance mods. (More to come, eventually. Don't quote me on that.) 

I've played around with other exocraft mods, and ultimately didn't find one I liked. The goal of this mod is to stay close to the apparent intended design for the three craft, but make it better. (Why is the Colossus so sloooooow!???)

Nomad Changes:

Slightly increased top speed.

Increased jump height. (It's a hovercraft, afterall.)

Increased boost time to 2 seconds. 4 with upgrades.

Slightly increased weight, to compensate for the added jump and boost. (There may be such a thing as 'too much air.')

At top speed, over long distances, it should feel only slightly better than vanilla. At lower speeds, or over flat spaces (like open water), it should avoid that feeling of running out of gas and have a lot more control.


Buggy Changes

Improved Jump height. 

Slightly increased gravity in water. Keeps the front end from floating.

Doubled base boost time.

Main goal here was just to correct a few annoyances I didn't like, but otherwise pretty close to vanilla for travel time.


Colossus Changes

Improved top speed.

Increased gravity in water.

Reduced speed and turn dampening in water.

Increased jump height. (Helps avoid getting stuck.)

Increased boost time to 2 seconds base.

Ideally I was aiming for underwater to feel like vanilla land speeds. While on land, it is improved by about 20%. Travel speed feels only slightly less than the buggy, but without the ability to jump long distances, it still works out to be much slower. Keeping with it's design intentions, but making it actually usable now.

Warning: Incompatibility Detected!




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