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Fast Refiners And Economy Mod

Someone requested that Fast Refiners be merged with Economy Mod for Next so I did that!

Fast Refiners:

Refiners 10 times faster

Refiner Recipes

Fixed 3 recipes (I think it's a bug of the game itself)

(Destablised Sodium)x1 = (Sodium Nitrate)x50 + (Sodium Nitrate)x50 + (Destablised Sodium)x50
replaced by
(Destablised Sodium)x1 = (Sodium Nitrate)x50 + (Sodium Nitrate)x50 + (Sodium Nitrate)x50

(Superoxide Crystal)x1 = (Oxygen)x50 + (Oxygen)x50 + (Superoxide Crystal)x50
replaced by
(Superoxide Crystal)x1 = (Oxygen)x50 + (Oxygen)x50 + (Oxygen)x50

(Chloride Lattice)x1 = (Chlorine)x50 + (Chlorine)x50 + (Chloride Lattice)x50
replaced by
(Chloride Lattice)x1 = (Chlorine)x50 + (Chlorine)x50 + (Chlorine)x50

Economy Mod:

So Hello Games added a new trading system in 1.3 which is very cool but unfortunately only limited to specific 35 trade goods. In 1.5 for some reason they removed trade goods entirely from the space stations and other sales places so I added them back in.

I decided to make every product and substance in the game also be affected by this new trade system.

Basically, every item in the game now belongs to a certain class of items (Advanced material, scientific component, mineral, tech component, trade commodity or manufactured item) which corresponds to the 7 new types of economic systems added in the game. This means that each item in the game will have one type of system where it can be bought for much cheaper and one type of system where it can be sold for a lot more, enabling a lot more interesting trading.

I've also made items be even cheaper in systems where they are produced and more expensive in systems where they are needed to increase potential trading profits, this may be a little overpowered in the late game, I will probably add a more balanced version later for those who want to keep it realistic.

I've tried to give each item a realistic class although it wasn't always easy, here are a few examples :

  • A Neutrino Module is a Tech Component which means it will sell for cheap in Tech systems and sell for a lot in Fuel Generation systems.
  • A Gek Charm is a Trade Commodity which means it will sell for cheap in Trading systems and sell for a lot in Advanced Material systems.
  • Ferrite Dust/Pure Ferite/Copper are Minerals which means they will sell for cheap in Ore Extraction systems and sell for a lot in Ore Processing systems.
  • Alloys of all kind (Aronium/Lemmium/Dirty Bronze, etc) are Advanced Materials which means they will sell for cheap in Advanced Material systems and sell for a lot in Scientific Systems.

Most of these are logical however they may be some inconsistencies so please report any item which feels out of place and should belong in another class.

If you want to learn more about each type of economic system and potential trade loops, check this page out :

I've also added a few more smaller changes to go along with the trade overhaul:

  • Stations and ships sell more items and a wider variety (a lot of items which were not allowed to be sold in the base game now are). 
  • The loss of value you get when selling many items has been reduced (not entirely removed)
  • Some items such as the more rare exotic elements (frost crystals, solanium, rubeum, viridium) have seen their base price significantly increased to better reflect their rarity

I've tried to keep things reasonably balanced however there will probably be exploits and this definitely makes money making easier. 

Please report any bugs you find and anything you want changed.

The mod is currently compatible with 1.5 NEXT update.

Edited files:








  1. Extract and put the pack file in your MODS folder in the PCBANKS folder.
  2. Remove DISABLEMOD.TXT in your PCBANKS folder (if you still have it)
  3. That's it! Watch out for other mods wich might edit the same things and cause incompatibilities.


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