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Flight Stick (Saitek x52) Controller Modification

This is a package of tools to enable an in-game functionality to your badass x52 flight system controller.  This is not a direct modification of the game files, a method and some additional tools to assist the immersion.


**THIS SHOULD WORK WITH ANY JOYSTICK OR FLIGHT STICK SYSTEM - You may have to edit some of the profile bindings for this to work for anything other than an x52 Saitek, however the groundwork is already there for you!


**Disclaimer** this is my personal configuration.  I don't claim it to be the best, but it certainly works for me and I don't mind sharing.  You may find some methods like this out there, but for ease of use, I figured this would be the best place for it.  Feel free to make changes and customize it the way you see fit.

  • Unzip package into your No Man's SkyBinaries directory
  • Open x360ce_x64.exe (ensure the x52 is the only controller plugged in before starting this program - it needs to be the first connection it sees)
  • Load your x52 Profiler application (Can download this from Saitek's site)
  • Import the profile found within the zip file, make this your default profile, and ensure your controller is set to Mode 1.
  • Load NMS and start flying like a badass.  Also - Couple this with the LowFly mod for some serious immersion.



If you decide to change any of the button configurations in x360ce_x64... ensure your saved file is named properly, should be:  xinput9_1_0.dll, gotta rename it from whatever version it saves it as.


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