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Freighter Warp Reactor / Hyperdrive Upgrade recipes (NEXT)

This Mod will give you the chance to collect Freighter Hyperdrive Upgrade recipes.

As I did not found any valid comment on how to earn Freighter Hyperdrive Upgrade recipes in NMS NEXT and because I believe that this is a must have if you can warp with your Freighter, I had decided to create a Mod which will give you the opportunity to find these technology recipes by looting crashed Freighters.

All you need to do is fixing freight containers at Freighter crash sites.

In total there are three recipes to earn (level A, B and C). The reward system will randomly give you a recipe after fixing a broken container (depending on the chance you have choosen). 

As it turns out not to be possible to change the chance of finding recipes I made two new Versions.
The first version will give you a 6.25% chance of finding one of the recipe by fixing a container. This results from the possible loot which might be in them (15 possible items/money and 1 recipe list = 16). 

The second version will give you a 100% chance of finding the recipes. For this to work I had to disable all other possible items. So you should only use it for learning these recipes and delete the mod after that!

The mod takes no influence on the order of the rewarded recipe! This will be random (e.g. you may will earn level A before C)!

You can also unlock all recipes and delete this mod as it may not work with other mods which are using the REWARDTABLE file!

Please report any Bugs or Problems you may encounter with this mod.

Disclaimer: You are free to change, enhance and distribute this mod. 


As the upload function did not recognize my zip file, I copied it to Google Drive. Will try to upload again on this site as well.

Please choose only 1 .pak File and drag it into your NMS MODS folder (delete or rename DISABLEMODS.txt in PCBANKS Folder!)

Please delete all old versions of this mod!

If no item is rewarded to you after fixing a container, you may need to disable other Mods to let this one correctly work.


Just for modders:

This Mod edits the following File:


Changed Entry:



1.0 Initial Version

1.1 Changed the 100% Version to give only Recipes and nothing else (randomly some Nanites are rewarded, just fix another container).

1.2 Added 6.25% Version for treasure hunters


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August 19, 2018