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Just Optional Lines

This is the Just Optional Lines mod for No Man's Sky. It separates the 'traderoute' lines from the 'galaxy map' lines in the game, so that you are able to partially or wholly block them and alter their appearance. So far all traderoute line removal mods have edited the one texture that also removes the lines in the galaxy map. This mod edits the game's model and material definition for the lines so that the two can be activated, edited and deactivated apart from one another. It makes sure that any other 'lines' in the game will be unaffected.

Following security concerns I am moving my mods to Nexus Mods. Please follow this link to download:

There are four different versions of this mod. Copy only the _MOD.Damanique.JustOptionalLines.pak file from the version you want to your NMS GAMEDATA/PCBANKS folder.

  • JustGalaxyroutes: this version displays only the galaxy routes and removes traderoutes from view inside solar systems.
  • JustTraderoutes: this version displays only the traderoutes and removes the galaxy routes.
  • JustNothing: this version removes both the traderoutes and galaxy routes, just like other mods, but still separates their structure in the game to prevent potential conflicts with other mods.
  • JustSeparate: this version displays both routes with their default styles, but still separates their structure in the game to prevent potential conflicts with other mods. It is also a helpful resource for other modders who want to change the looks of the lines themselves.


  • Initial upload.


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