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NMS Injector

I remember the time when we had NMSE so i decided to make an injector to edit the game from the inside out.

This will make alot possible again that wasn't possible since NMSE, things like stacking to name a example.

I ported RaYRoD's 3rd Person Cheat Engine mod and his camera fixes that were in pak form in to one easy to use .NMS extension as example.

Nexus Mods Link For RaYRoD's 3rd Person Flight Mod (Included in his overhaul)
No Mans Sky Mods Link For RaYRoD's 3rd Person Flight Mod

So no cheat engine or dll injectors are needed and thus more user friendly.

Now also available for this injector is Solid Stacks made by yours truly:

Nexus Mods Link For Solid Stacks
No Mans Sky Mods Link For Solid Stacks

- Put the opengl32.dll in your BINARIES (Where your NMS.exe is) folder NOT your MODS folder
- Add all the .NMS mods to your BINARIES folder aswell and start the game



- This is not compatible with Reshade yet but i will look in to chain loading if reshade does not release chainloading soon(as it is on their roadmap)
- Modders should make a normal injectable dll with all the changes and make sure it is build or renamed with the ".NMS" extension(Case sensitive)
- If a mod doesn't work check the injector log if it was succesfully injected ... but in most cases it will be the mod causing it and not the injector.

Version 1.0

- First release


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