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Populated Freighters and Space Stations


This mod makes Freighters and Space Stations a little less lonely by adding some more NPCs to each.


  • Access the Galactic Trade Network from the Hangar of your freighter.
  • Take on new missions from the NPC on the Freighter Bridge.
  • Purchase new technology from the NPC on the Freighter Bridge.
  • Freighter Bridge is now more populated with NPCs that you can actually interact with!
  • NPC race changes based on Freighter race.
  • NPC placement is proc-gen.  All Freighters won't look alike (Mission Giver and Tech Sales NPCs are always in the same place to make life easier though)

Space Stations

  • Transfer items between your freighter directly from the Space Station hangar (fixed in 1.3)
  • Completely rebuilt Space Station Hangar Interior
  • Zero Gravity Landing Pads
  • More Landing Pads!  Which more more ships can land in the Space Station which means MORE TRADING!
  • It looks really cool



  1. Download Zip file
  2. Unzip
  3. Copy BOTH .pak folders to the MODS directory
  4. Delete the SHADERCACHE Folder (you actually need to do it for this mod otherwise the Space Station Interior may not load properly.

 This mod makes use of the NPCSpawnTable (which isn't common but could be used by other mods) to spawn the Freighter Transfer NPC.  Other than that it just uses the MODEL files for the Freighter Hangar, Freighter Bridge and Space Station hangar so it should be compatible with anything that doesn't modify those areas.  If you want to use this with another mod that utilizes the NPCSpawnTable load that one after this and everything should work except the Freighter Transfer NPC.

However if you come across a mod that has a conflict please report it in the BUGS tab and I'll make a patch.

Version 1.3

Changed the placement of some Space Station Landing pads. Now some are flat, others are vertical, better aesthetics and resolves possible bugs. 

Removed collisions in Launch Tube which was causing issues if mod was installed while player was saved in Space Station 

Created custom Freighter Transfer Terminal model 

Added Freighter Transfer station to Space Station hangar.


Version 1.21

Fixed collision bug on going into left room in space station hangar

removed some flooring in the launch tube that was still around.

Misc bug fixes

Version 1.2

Removed NPCs from Space Station Hangar due to bug

Completely rebuilt space station hangar

Added more landing pads to space station hangar.

Version 1.0

Initial Release


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