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Ship Slots Overhaul


I made this mod because I was disappointed that there's basically 1 fighter design and 3 explorer designs that are worth buying, shuttles are garbage, and in general I feel extremely limited in my ship-purchasing diversity. My goal was to make any ship I find a potentially viable purchase, regardless of type or body parts. I want to choose my starship for it's looks, and still have the perks of finding a nice one.

After installing this mod, you'll be able to find ANY fighter or explorer in a 38+12 slot layout, regardless of appearance, ANY hauler in a 48+8 layout, and ANY shuttle in a 40+12 slot layout (see below). In general, higher-class ships will have more slots, and class S ships should always be maxed. On the rare occasion you do find an exotic, it'll be max slots (20+6) like any other S-class! 

Hunting: Finding a good ship with this mod is maybe a bit easier, but finding a good version of a specific design is going to be exactly the same as it was before. The only difference is that any design you like can now be found with plenty of slots.


By default, NMS assigns minimum and maximum slot ranges based on a ship's "size" (which is determined by it's parts, mostly wings). This mod makes the slot ranges the same for all ship sizes of a given type - using the existing minimum values for small ships, and maximum values for large ships. It also makes exotics always spawn with max slots.

Weighting: My original intent was to tie slot ranges to ship class. That didn't prove to be feasible, but it turns out it didn't matter. The game weights ships toward more or less slots, based on the ships class. So with this mod, class C ships have low slot counts, class B ships have moderate slot counts, and class A ships have high slot counts. It turns out exactly like I wanted, and was very simple to implement.

Shuttles: I used the full small-large range, even though the game never spawns large shuttles. As a result of this, you'll see shuttles go up to 40+12 slots. If this is an issue for enough people, I'll upload an alternate version that uses medium shuttle maximums instead. Personally, I like shuttles being viable high-end ships.

Exotics: I have played over 200 hours of NMS, and I've encountered 5 exotics, none of them max slots. Attempts to "farm" a max-slot version have been nothing but frustrating. Since it was right there in the same file, I figured I'd rectify this "problem" while I was making a mod.

Prices: I didn't touch ship prices. Pricing seems to be based exclusively on three factors: ship type, class, and slot counts. Personal experimentation with and without this mod yields equal prices for ships with the same factors. Shuttles can now get quite expensive, due to their much higher max slot count.

Stats: I didn't touch ship stats. They'll have the same stat bonuses they always did.


Delete DISABLEMODS.txt in PCBANKS Folder.
Drag ONE .pak file into your NMS MODS folder (SteamsteamappscommonNo Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKSMODS - if it doesn't exist, create it!)

Version 1.1: added alternate .pak that also tweaks multitools

Version 1: Initial Release


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