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WinderTP’s Ships of Moar – Custom-Modeled Ships

WinderTP's Ships of Moar
A spiritual remake of Kremit's MoarShips.

Same idea, different execution, lower effort. 
Replaces the Shuttles spaceship type with 40 different custom ships.
Some Sci-fi, some historical, some non-space ships.

Lists of ships can be seen in the credits below.


  • X-wing from Video Copilot
  • A-wing by André Müller
  • Y-wing by Silvia Nanni
  • Millennium Falcon by Stym
  • TIE Fighter by Mickael Boitte
  • TIE Interceptor by Tommaso Incecchi
  • TIE Bomber by Antonio Schiavelli
  • Naboo Starfighter by rodrigoscar
  • Flying Trabant by Zacharias Reinhardt
  • Viper MK-IV Fighter by Costinus
  • Flying Saucer by WangMandingo
  • ARC-170 Fighter by Lee Ray
  • Spaceballs RV by warkarma
  • TARDIS by thedocinabox
  • Kanara Fighter by bszlrd
  • AJF-12 "Dvergr" by Star Conflict
  • Death Row by blacknibow
  • MAX Delta DL by Miru
  • Flying Fox by Michael Wright
  • Buck Rogers Starfighter by VanishingPoint
  • Planet Express Ship by taniaescudero
  • Pelican by What_Zen
  • Discovery Space Shuttle by Jan Tesař
  • Spitfire by jimbo45uk
  • BF 109 by jimbo45uk
  • MiG-15 by Yksnawel
  • BF 110 by manilov.ap
  • Ratchet and Clank Ship by wildcake
  • Lobster Ship by SheeroChana
  • Tron Ship 1 by f3nix
  • Tron Ship 2 by f3nix
  • Me 262 "Schwalbe" Yksnawel
  • KM "Caspian Sea Monster" by helijah
  • B17 Flying Fortress by Sorrie
  • Kraier by hotzst
  • Mitsubishi Zero by jimbo45uk
  • F16 by Vojkan
  • MiG-23 by Tim Samedov
  • Su-15 by Tim Samedov
  • 69 Chris Craft Boat by ryanhaldy

Some textures from:

  • Download the mod
  • Unzip/open the downloaded file
  • Put pak file into your MODS folder;
  • Delete DISABLEMODS.txt in your PCBANKS folder;
  • Happy times

19/07/19 1.0:

  • Initial release


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