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BIOTOOLS – HD procedural biomech’d multitools.

High-definition (x2 vanilla) replacement maps to turn “alien”-multitools into biomechanical versions of themselves.
No other change to statistics. Visual mod, only. So far, fully compatible with all mods available.

Atlas Rises (1.3) compatible version.
Full procedural compatibility with vanilla variation.

A special thanks to:

RaYRod for guiding me back into post-rise NMS modding,
H. R. Giger, for the artwork of the deceased great Swiss surrealist artist my textures were made to emulate,
emoose, monkeyman192 and the other Great Ones that lurk in the shadows, enabling us with the tools to work this wonders…
And of course, Sean Murray and the whole team at Hello Games, for creating the game of our dreams… and nightmares?

Biomechanical Infestation

HD Lore-friendly texture replacer of the alien infestation that plague some abandoned buildings.

“It looked like a wound on the world. Crimson and ragged-edged, like something that once lived but was then torn asunder. I should have stayed away. Had I the senses to taste the air of this planet, I imagine it would have reeked with some kind of alien fetor, but nothing could stall my curiosity. Was it dead? Where I touched it, the surface was moist and yielding. It seemed to become motile then, crawling on a mat of slow cilia, moving from me. I should have stayed away.”

 Based on the artwork of the deceased great Swiss Surrealist Artist; Hans Ruedi Giger.

I still have not found the texture for the balls/egg-sack/eyes/bubble-thingies… If you, kind soul reading this, have located it; drop me a line so I can update it.