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Lost Roads – Custom Quest (Proof-of-Concept)

Began as an integrated hidden quest in Eucli-ea, this standalone version offers the proof-of-concept questline “Lost Roads” into the game.

Begin the quest by talking to NPCs after you have help them once, there is a certain low percentage that you will find the right  dialogue.


Incompatible with all mods that add new buildable objects, products, and interactions.


Notes: There are issues that are related to the mechanics which this mod uses, you are advised to do the following:

  • DO NOT start the quest again after you have already began the quest once until you have finished the current quest;
  • DO back up your saves if you intend to use any save editing program such as No Man’s Connect;
  • DO read everything in the dialogues, they give you hints as to what to do when you are intended to go without a waypoint;
  • DO talk do many NPCs, this will be how you can progress at one point;
  • in case anything mess up, DO report the issue with any and all details of what you did, and a link to download your save file;


Modified file list:


If you want to see more, bigger custom quests in the future, remember to support my pitch in the Hub subreddit!

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