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Balanced Hyperdrive Overhaul

This mod attempts to make long range warp travel less painful, while simultaneously maintaining vanilla warp balance, by effectively combining all of your warp fuel into a single, balanced, mega-jump.



The idea of this mod is to emulate a longstanding QoL request; the ability to make longer jumps that consume multiple fuel cells, eliminating the need to have lots of intermediate bunny hops when travelling huge distances.

Even with a jump range of 2500 LY (The upper limit for a fully upgraded explorer or exotic), you’d have to make 280 individual jumps to reach the galactic core. Even if you have a relatively fast PC and the loading screen only takes 10-15 seconds, you’re going to spend the best part of an HOUR watching the warp loading screen in a single trip to the core.



To achieve this goal, the mod makes several significant changes:

– Component warp ranges have been changed to reflect their distance-to-fuel value.

– Galaxy map turbo zoom has been accelerated considerably to help course plotting.

– Warp fuel capacity is reduced to ONE jump per tank of fuel.

– Warp cell efficiency is REMOVED from A and S class upgrades.


Q. Why did you choose these distance values?

A. The new values reflect how much distance a particular upgrade would add to your maximum range on a single tank of fuel. For a typical component this is five times it’s original value (Since a basic fuel tank will allow you to jump 5 times), for A and S rank components, this is thirty times the original value, since each A/S class component normally doubles the fuel efficiency (And thus maximum travel range), to a maximum of six times efficiency (5 x 6 = 30); plus a little extra to represent the improvement of range that’d normally be gained by multiplying the base hyperdrive by six.


Q. Why did you remove the warp efficiency attribute from A/S tier?

A. Because the extra distance gained from the increased fuel efficiency is baked into the new distance calculations. If I left the actual attribute in there, you’d still have to make multiple jumps to reach your maximum possible range, and the goal of this mod to let you go as far as possible, with as few jumps as possible.


Q. So is this just another ‘Super long range jump cheat mod?’

A. No, your jump range is completely dependant upon your ship’s components and class based multiplier. Your maximum travel range is pretty close to the distance you’d have traveled in vanilla on the same tank of fuel, except you do it in one jump instead of thirty.

Q. What happens if I make short range jumps?

A. You’ll burn your entire fuel tank. To help with this freighters have not had their travel distances or fuel consumption changed and can provide affordable short range travel.


Q. Can I jump with less than a full tank of fuel?

A. No, you will need to completely fill your tank using either 5 fuel cells, or a single hypercore.


Q. If I install/remove this, will things still work?

A. Yes. If you add or remove the mod mid-playthrough, currently installed components will update accordingly.


Q. Will this work in multiplayer?

A. Theoretically yes. I have not tested it, but I’m under the impression it should still function correctly and without any adverse effects on other players.

Exocraft Fuel Efficiency

This mod reduces exocraft fuel usage by 90%. Vanilla No Man’s Sky exocraft fuel cost is higher in Survival and Permadeath than in Normal–this mod retains this difference, so Survival/Permadeath still have a higher cost than Normal, but for all modes the cost is only 10% of what it originally was.

Note that the mod does not modify refuel cost (i.e. it still takes 300 carbon to recharge the tank), but a full tank will essentially last 10 times as long as it would without the mod. Normal and thruster cost are both reduced, so you can keep the accelerator on without the tank quickly emptying.

Hardcore Milestones

This mod updates milestone thresholds to be considerably more challenging. Milestones have been increased at each level to be between 10 and 500 times the original requirement. As of version 1.4, due to some feedback, milestone distributions have also been changed; level 1 milestones have been reset to the original vanilla values, and a higher weight has been put on milestone levels past level 5. For Journey Milestones, 25% of the effort is required to reach level 5, and 75% for level 10. See the Chaneglog for more detail.

See included HardcoreMilestonesTable.xlsx file for specific milestone thresholds.

Note: The milestone popup screen you get that shows the number per milestone is not affected by this mod. So that screen will show the incorrect value, but the actual value is correct. That is a minor aesthetic annoyance, but has no impact on gameplay. Just mentioning it here in case it confuses anyone.

Now also modified Race/Guild milestones!


Today’s final part for the X3000 series balance mods. (More to come, eventually. Don’t quote me on that.) 

I’ve played around with other exocraft mods, and ultimately didn’t find one I liked. The goal of this mod is to stay close to the apparent intended design for the three craft, but make it better. (Why is the Colossus so sloooooow!???)

Nomad Changes:

Slightly increased top speed.

Increased jump height. (It’s a hovercraft, afterall.)

Increased boost time to 2 seconds. 4 with upgrades.

Slightly increased weight, to compensate for the added jump and boost. (There may be such a thing as ‘too much air.’)

At top speed, over long distances, it should feel only slightly better than vanilla. At lower speeds, or over flat spaces (like open water), it should avoid that feeling of running out of gas and have a lot more control.


Buggy Changes

Improved Jump height. 

Slightly increased gravity in water. Keeps the front end from floating.

Doubled base boost time.

Main goal here was just to correct a few annoyances I didn’t like, but otherwise pretty close to vanilla for travel time.


Colossus Changes

Improved top speed.

Increased gravity in water.

Reduced speed and turn dampening in water.

Increased jump height. (Helps avoid getting stuck.)

Increased boost time to 2 seconds base.

Ideally I was aiming for underwater to feel like vanilla land speeds. While on land, it is improved by about 20%. Travel speed feels only slightly less than the buggy, but without the ability to jump long distances, it still works out to be much slower. Keeping with it’s design intentions, but making it actually usable now.

DeGrindifier X3000

A simple mod to adjust the three things I feel add the most unnecessary grind to the game. Part one of the X3000 series of balance mods I am working on.

Voltaic Cells: Reduced crafting cost from 50 to 10.

Copper Wire: Reduced Crafting cost from 20 to 5.

Space Station Terminals will now sell from 50 to 250 of any resources, and from 4 to 10 of any components. Regular market terminals will sell from 50 to 100 resources.

The number and type of items for sale is unaffected.


On request, I have added a version with all discovery rewards increased by 10x, and a version with all Star Trade items at 4x base value. (Now that you can buy up to 10 dynamic resonators at a time, that last one is a bit unbalanced.)