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Beautiful Sentinels – Thomas and Friends Go on a Rampage

No gods, no kings, only…


Beautiful Sentinels – Thomas and Friends Go on a Rampage does the following:

  • Replace Roaming Sentinel Drones to Bulgy the Bus
  • Replace Attack Sentinel Drones to Harold the Helicopter
  • Replace Sentinel Quadruped to Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Replace Sentinel Walker to Cranky the Crane (but with legs)
  • Replace Sentinel Starships to procedurally generated Trains and Bus including:
    • Thomas the Tank Engine;
    • Gordon the Big Engine;
    • James the Red Engine;
    • Percy the Small Engine;
    • Spencer The Express Engine;
    • Hiro the Japanese Engine;
    • Bulgy the Bus
  • Replace Sentinel Freighter to giant Thomas the Tank Engine (or rather, placed over)
  • Replace Planetary Sentinel Drone Loot Drop to James’ Coal Cart
  • Replace Sentinel Quadruped Loot Drop to Hiro’s Coal Cart
  • Replace Sentinel Walker Loot Drop to Open Wagon
  • Replace Sentinel sounds with train whistles and engine sound
  • Replace Sentinel-related Exosuit voice lines to various Thomas & Friends quotes

Hear the sound in action here:

Enhanced Edition provides the following:

  • 100% more Feet
  • 100% more Steve head

For a gallery of the Enhanced Edition, please see this album:


Special thanks:

  • monkeyman192 for a great amount of information on some mechanics and limitations of the game, and his work on NMSDK
  • Trainwiz and friends for Really Useful Dragons


Harold the Helicopter and Cranky The Crane models by Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends on tinkercad, used under CC-BY-SA
Gordon, Hiro, James, Percy, Spencer, Troublesome Trucks models are from Tomix by Barnstorm Games.
Thomas and Bulgy models by agepbiz
Foot model by mitch.harvey
Steve model by dogger88