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Fast Shader

This is a mod that reduces the processing of the shader and raises the frame rate per second of the NMS.

This is especially effective for low-spec GPUs. Enjoy a comfortable NMS!
Fast Shader does not support VR. Enjoy VR with beautiful vanilla graphics.

MIN especially disables shadows that are said to be GPU-intensive. Since the shadow function is not deleted, set the shadow setting to MIN.
Also does not perform standard Fast Shader optimization. Use this if you experience display problems. sorry.

MID additionally disables Depth Of Field and Particles. MotionBlur and TAA disable the function because the processing is large even with the OFF setting.
Also disables the effects displayed during UI display and NPC conversation. Optimize the display of galaxies and galaxy maps on the title screen.

MAX additionally disables Bloom, HBAO, LightShafts, SailingWay, SpeedLines, etc. The change in appearance is large.
Reduce the complexity of planetary terrain. If you want a normal display, increase the setting.

EXTREME also erases the display of the planet’s atmosphere and water, but it is light. Also disable some mask functions, such as scanning.
It would be nice if you could play NMS with CPU built-in GPU (Intel iGPU or AMD APU).

Please refrain from uploading the NMS play screen using Fast Shader.



Thanks for the tool psarc MBINCompiler used in the packaging of the MOD!

Faster Text Display

!NOTE! The “Branches” section shows you the current release build id’s under:

This mod displays the text faster when interacting with objects or aliens (NPCs).
If you leave the left mouse button pressed (player with keyboard/mouse)
then the text will be displayed even faster.

There are two versions:


Normal version


– Same function
– but adjusted and slightly slower delay values
– results in increased and maximum game compatibility

Better Landings

Spaceship landings in No Man’s Sky have always looked a bit silly, just dropping to the ground at 10+ feet. This mod aims to make landings look and feel more careful by reducing the “drop height” to about 2 feet. Aside from that, the spaceship will not tilt its nose up so much during the landing descent.

Complete Fleet Missions instantly

About this Mod: This Mod is made to instantly complete all “Fleet Missions”

Vision: 2.0


Warning: This Mod will only instantly complete missions that you have started after downloading this mod, this mod will not instantly complete  missions that you have started before adding this Mod to your collection.

Warning: If you would like to use more than one of my fleet mods you will need to download my Fleet mod pack Here

Getting Head (The Beheading) – Unlock Special Helmets for All Races

Getting Head

Getting Head is a mod that lets the player access the Special Helmets with all races (including the X.O. Helmet), other than just the Anomaly.



Beheading A

Beheading B

How to Use
Using the Character Customiser, choose your race of choice, and select from the Presets to choose a helmet. All your previous suit customisations will be overwritten, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

If you wish to use the vanilla heads once more, simply choose the last Preset of any race to reset your head beforehand.

Since this mod is setup so that it uses vanilla scene nodes, IDs and descriptors, every single helmet is visible by every player, even if they don’t have the mod installed.

Eucli-ea – more than 400 new decorations
Unlock All Emotes (Now with extra New Emotes)
Intelligence Enhancer

This mod edits the following vanilla files: