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Inst Binocular Scan & Hot Spot Range with EXTRAS

Update – NMS v2.61 (Desolation)

Use only 1 of the Files:

Main – [InstaBin.pak]
Instant Binocular Scan for every new discovery +100% increase in Hot Spot range from 400u to 800u.

Extra + Main [InstaBin_NBTL_BSTR.pak]
Merged: No Blinding Torch Light Strength from 4 to 2
Merged: Better Ship Transfer Range from 50 to 200

Not compatible with any mod that modifies GCGAMEPLAYGLOBALS.GLOBAL
If requested, I can combine it with other incompatible mods or add additional features to it.

Scanner Retexture

Retexture of the scanner/binocular UI.

Three files to choose from: Simple, Simple with more transparency, and Complex.

Only the simple texture has very visible lines the other two are more subtle.

P.S. sorry no screenshots of the complex texture as of yet 😛