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NMS Ultratool

I often found myself doing a lot of math when planning production of trade commodities, and was always frustrated that I couldn’t find a solid tool online to streamline it for me. So I went ahead and built one myself.

NMS Ultratool has two primary functions: a crafting calculator and a build planner. 

  • Crafting Calculator: Tells you exactly what and how much resources you’ll need to craft a target number of a specified product in one go. After calculating, you can push the data to the build planner.


  • Build Planner: Helps you plan a base for production. Features a function for automatic solar configuration to make power less of a hassle to figure out.
    • Also allows for saving and loading of build plans for later use.

Note: I am relatively new to software development, so I’m originally releasing this as a beta. While I am actively working to squish any bugs I find, weird things can happen. If you find any bugs or have any constructive feedback for me, I welcome it.

Eucli-ea – More buildable decorations (NEXT Edition)

Like building with Eucli-ea?

Want to join in the fun of making beautiful bases with other builders?

Join the Modding Discord and you too can build for Project Facade. See this Reddit thread for details.

If you want to support me as a filmmaker, feel free to watch my latest short film “Blackwhite” and share it with people you know:

Eucli-ea adds 854 new buildable objects that are either already present in the game but were not made available to players, or new flags and emblem with different themes.

This mod currently adds:

  • 385 additional decorations;
  • 179 Structure pieces;
  • 20 interactive decorations, these decorations include crates and boxes that give the player materials or technology;
  • 157 gardening plants and rocks;
  • 15 types of NPCs;
  • 54 new flags and emblems;
  • 70 Miscellaneous Decals;
  • The Direct Unified Materialisation Protocol (D.U.M.P.)Station that can be built anywhere, allowing freighter storage access anywhere! Go to the Tech category to build it;
  • The Bubble Defense Shield Multiplexer (B.D.S.M)™ that can be built to provide environmental protection for a very large area;
  • The Stationed Tropospheric Uncertainty Rectification Motor (S.T.U.R.M.)™ that can be built to stop storms on demand;
  • 168 letters and punctuations;
  • There are rumors lately saying that there is a faint voice penetrating the cosmos, seeking its chosen one… Perhaps one would only find the source of the voice in the most anomalous or places.
  • 2 new valuable products: Niteliosis Chip and Tychronite Crystal
  • Safes spread throughout the galaxy, which when drilled grants player valuable rewards

Available as a standalone mod, or as an addon for  BOTH theFisher86’s SimCity 5300 and Kremit’s GrowMoar Trevis’s Buildable Waterfalls mod. Now also incorporates Kremit DeFrog’s Fix BluePrint Vendor. Hello Games fixed the issue in 1.3 after we’ve addressed this issue in several occurrences, thanks, we’ve had a good run!

Most of the objects will be present in your build menu when you open the game, to get interactive decorations, go to your base shop and buy the decorations.

Included Flags and Emblems:

  • Main Galactic Hub Flag by morgvom_org
  • Main Galactic Hub Emblem by morgvom_org
  • Main Emblem, inverted colors
  • Galactic Cartographer Emblem by Denjo92
  • Exocraft Racer Emblem by TheMarco
  • Galactic Hub Flag by TheMarco
  • Galactic Hub Flag by tragedyfish
  • Galactic Hub Flag by salaba-red / Kesbet
  • Galactic Hub Emblem by salaba-red / Kesbet
  • 2 Galactic Hub Flags by Elytron77
  • Galactic Hub Emblem by Elytron77
  • Galactic Hub Flag by Qwerty12489
  • 2 Galactic Hub Flags by Korvaccine
  • 2 Galactic Hub Emblems by Korvaccine
  • 7 Alliance of Galactic Travelers (AGT) Emblems
  • Empire of HOVA Emblem by GtaHov
  • Hello Games Logo
  • Yebdishtei Flag and Emblem by Qwerty12486
  • Pandarian Empire Flag and Emblem by A_SavagePanda
  • Arcadia Project Emblem by Axiom1380
  • Deep Thought Collective Emblem by mistakeordesign
  • Amino Hub Emblem by BoidGaming
  • Conure Republic Emblem
  • Nesdorinux Project Emblem and Flag by Acolatio
  • Constitutional Monarchy of Yokoso Emblem by CinnamonMcSwirls
  • No Man’s Sky Love Emblem by LawOfEvolution
  • The Chosen Emblem by professorbaibai
  • 4 Earth Flags by various artists
  • BURD emblem by kBurd67
  • Oxalis Emblem by Acolatio
  • The Colonial Fleet Emblem and Flag by Choopsha
  • Eissentam Travellers Foundation Emblem
  • Nation of Samone Emblem and Flag by BaileyJack
  • The Empire of Jatriwil Emblem by WAAM86


Modified file list:


Other files are newly added and should not interfere or be interfered with other mods.

Compatible with SimCity 5300 and GrowMoar with the “SCTree” version.

Compatible with Trevis’s Buildable Waterfalls with the “_COMP” version.


Special thanks to:

alexo1001 for making the “Galactic Hub Flag & Emblem” mod;

theFisher86 for making the glorious SimCity 5300.

monkeyman192 for helping me find out many secrets in the MBINs, many decorations would not exist without his help!

Nadalee for the suit model, that really makes the chamber shine!

Both mods inspired me to make this standalone mod, which originally started as just the SimCity addon.

Everyone who created the emblems and flags for the Galactic Hub, you are the ones that make this mod possible in the first place!


Additional details:

This mod’s compatibility version uses part of theFisher86’s SimCity 5300 and Kremit’s GrowMoar Trevis’s Buildable Waterfalls, the respective parts of the mod will be removed upon the mod authors’ request.

Version number is now independent to SimCity 5300’s as the amount of added objects got out of hand.

I personally will not likely update this mod for Darc Tech, as I’m using 40 other mods and therefore don’t use Darc Tech myself. However, the process of making any mod that adds buildable objects are rather simple (you literally copy & paste some text and be done with it), so if anyone is willing to make this mod compatible with Darc Tech, I’ll be more than happy to share my experience and give instructions.

Permission information:

morgvom_org and 7101334’s flag and emblems are licensed under CC-BY-SA, so their flag and emblem textures and the mod itself is released under the same license. However, anyone who wishes to include this mod in their compilation MUST remove all the additional emblems and flags from the mod, as well as the Suit Chamber, as those are the works of other creators and I have no control nor authority over their release other than in Eucli-ea itself. I have the right to take down any mod that includes these files, you have been warned.

Flags and emblems by Denjo92, salaba-red, TheMarco, tragedyfish, Elytron77, Qwerty12489, Korvaccine, Gtahov, Axiom1380, A_SavagePanda, mistakeordesign, BoidGaming, Acolatio, CinnamonMcSwirls, LawOfEvolution, professorbaibai, Choopsha and creators of AGT emblems are used with expressed permission, thank you for helping us help you help us all!

“Visions of the Future” posters are Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech. Gallery of the full-sized images of the posters are available at . For details of the JPL Image Use Policy, visit .

One particular Earth Flag designed by Anne Kirstine Rønhede, licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Neon Letters by danny_p3d, NEONSIGN1 by NikiYani, NEONSIGN2 BY Alex Bes, NEONSIGN 3 by mansta9 are used under CC-BY.
NEONSIGN4 by alexbes, NEONSIGNNICE1-11 by custom “Royalty Free License”.

SimCity 5300 – Now Atlas Rises Compatible

After the release of Atlas Rises I was forced to go back and update this mod, so instead of just updating it, I overhauled the whole damn thing.  Lots of new features, lots of more awesomeness and lots more to come.

New Technologies

  • Base Claim Terminal – build your base anywhere you want.
  • Buildable Base Teleporter – build a base teleporter in your custom base.  NOW WITH SNAPPING!
  • Buildable Base Chest – Access the building materials from your lame previous base by building a base chest.
  • Mobile Teleporter – Build a mobile teleporter anywhere in the world (don’t do it on a freighter) and teleport right back to your base, just like you were on a Space Station.  NOW WITH CUSTOM MODEL
  • Mobile Shop – Buy and Sell anywhere with the mobile shop
  • Freighter Transfer Terminal – NEW for Atlas Rises Edition!  Transfer items directly to and from your freighter.
  • Buildable HoloCom Terminal – Don’t search the galaxy just to phone home.  Build one on your base to talk to anyone across the stars!
  • Buildable Ship Landing Post – Stop wasting Plutonium to take off from your base.  Build a simple landing post and take off for free.

New Buildings and Features

  • Build Alien Buildings – Build factories, Observatories, Depots, Radio Towers and More!
  • Buildable Alien Buildings Snap Together– NEW FOR ATLAS RISES EDITION – Snap Nodes on the building doors allow them to snap to corridors, cuboid rooms, landing pads, doors and even other buildings!
  • Buildable Alien Buildings Have a Strong Foundation – NEW FOR ATLAS RISES EDITION – Snap Nodes on the bottom of buildings allow you to snap Cuboid Room Foundations to the bottom so that you don’t have floating buildings.  Put ’em on stilts!
  • Buildable Bungalows! – NEW FOR ATLAS RISES EDITION – Build your own Gek, VyKeen or Korvax Bungalow and decorate it however you like.  
  • Buildable Trading Posts – Build your own Trading Post and watch as the ships fly in to buy and sell to you!  WARNING these kinda kill your FPS if you already have a big base.
  • Buildable H.O.O.P. Ring – NEW FOR ATLAS RISES EDITION – Build that cool Ring that was added in Atlas Rises from the early E3 Videos.
  • Buildable HoloHub Foundation – NEW FOR ATLAS RISES EDITION – The new HoloHub is a really cool looking building.  Now you can build your base on top of that tower!  The HoloCom Terminal has been removed and snap nodes added to allow the HoloHub to be used as a building foundation.
  • Buildable Ship Landing Post – Stop wasting Plutonium to take off from your base.  Build a simple landing post and take off for free.

New Ruins


  • DIY Portal – No longer do you need to search all over the planet.  Just build your own portal!
  • Temple – A massive temple to the Atlas (non-functioning currently)
  • Monolith – A massive stone of ancient Warrior origins
  • Plaque – Not just why you brush your teeth!

New Decorations

  • Build HoloLadder – NEW FOR ATLAS RISES EDITION – Build your own HoloLadder (currently kinda buggy)
  • Buildable CryoChamber– NEW FOR ATLAS RISES EDITION – Build a CryoChamber and get those sweet ExoSuit upgrades (also looks sweet).
  • Buildable Baby Walkers – NEW FOR ATLAS RISES EDITION – Put up decorative (de-activated) baby walkers to use as lawn ornaments.
  • Buildable Crashed Freighter! – NEW FOR ATLAS RISES EDITION – Crash a freighter in your front yard (can hurt your FPS because it’s huge)
  • Much Much More – There’s a lot of other cool decorations but I’m not gonna go through them all right now.


Just drop it in your MODS folder like normal.
Important Notes:

  • If you use the Mobile Base Claim Terminal you must build a base teleporter, otherwise when you attempt to teleport to base you may have some serious problems.
  • Don’t build more than 1 trading post in the same general area… they seem to use up a lot of resources graphics card wise and you may see other buildings “disappear”  they’re still there but they get unloaded by the game when it runs out of memory.
  • If you build every added building on your base you will experience a slower loading time when first loading up the game if your saved at your base.  This is due to the game having to load up a lot more stuff than it normally would. 
  • If your frame rate sucks it’s probably because you built a trading post and/or a crashed freighter… those are resources hogs.  Avoid them.
  • If you build a crazy huge base, performance will be affected.  This should be expected.

Note: If you’d like to try my “demo base” you can subscribe to it from the Steam Workshop here:

This mod changes the following files and is incompatible with any mods that change the same files. 
This mod also contains CustomModels but no custom textures so performance should not be affected.

Important Stuff to Remember

  • DO NOT ask mod creators for updates or ETAs on updates or demand things.  For every update request/demand/ETA I receive I will stop working on the mod for that day (thus delaying the update).  This is by far the most annoying aspect of modding and is what causes mod creators to quit modding.  Please don’t do it.
  • We’re all doing this for free. 
  • There is a distinct limit to what is possible via mods in No Man’s Sky.  A lot of games have systems that just aren’t existent in NMS (for example, scripted events).  This makes things that you see in other games really hard to do in this game.  So when making feature requests, suggestions, etc please keep in mind that there’s a lot of stuff we can’t do.
  • Bug reports are always welcome, however, bug complaints are not.  Report the problem, don’t complain about it, this isn’t your companies IT help desk.


Gek Buildings retext

My third and last part of Aliens building retext: Gek Buildings !

Since this race is the Tradding one, I make the choice to go for something really “pimp” and radically different of the vanilla. Hope you’ll like it !

This mod “overlap” a part of my Landpad one but landpad is still mendatory to get full retext.
Actually the game use the same textures for all landpads + Gek buildings wich kinda annoy me.

Added an optional version Wich doesnt overlap my landpads retext and give a less “pimpy” look to the exterior

Anyway, I realy think those textures are working fine but if you have any change suggestion, let me know

For more retext:
Korvax Buildings
Vy’Keen Buildings
Space Station Main Hall