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Sub Cam 2.0

Hey there,

I wanted to make this mod for the sub so that you can see what you are actually shooting with the laser. However it turned out better than I expected. So I consider it an improvement overall.

This mod effect this file – GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL

This mod can be highly compatible with other mods that involve this specific file.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

Better Indoor Camera

For some reason when entering structures, the camera sensitivity drops dramatically, especially if you have low frame rates. In 3rd person this is a nightmare. This mod simply makes it so the camera sensitivity is almost the same both inside and outside structures. It also increases camera sensitivity while sprinting and melee-boosting, but not as much.

This mod edits GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN and will likely not work with other mods that edit the same file, such as Rayrod’s camera overhaul. I happen to use that mod, so I merged it with my mod for my own personal use. I’ve messaged Rayrod asking for permission to publish the merged version here for those of you who want to use both. I’m not 100% sure, but I think they will work even un-merged, if you want to try it.

I play exclusively in 3rd person, so I don’t know if this is necessary or helpful for those who still play in 1st person.

No Camera Shake 1.55 [experimental]

No Camera Shake version 1.55.01
a mod for No Man’s Sky version 1.55 (build 3020240)



This is an attempt to bring forward to NEXT 1.55 the Custom Camera Shake mod made by @nelis1846.  I had wanted to start using it around the day that 1.55 was released, but I couldn’t get it merged with another mod that also edited the same file, and I noticed people were observing problems using it after 1.55.  After several failures, I have finally got an edited 1.55 version of this to compile. The significant changes to this baseline file from 1.52 to 1.55 made it challenging; some of the baseline additions to this file might even render some of the changes in this mod unnecessary or destructive. Will this fix the complaints people were having with this after 1.55? I have no idea yet. I had almost no comprehension of the significance of the values I was editing; I was looking for logical patterns and doing my best to transfer edits that made sense within those patterns. One thing I discovered is that this mod apparently didn’t remove all camera shake effects: “SMALLPAIN”, “BIGPAIN”, “EXPLOSIONPAIN”, “JETPACK”, and other shake blocks appeared to have been lightly altered but not zeroed-out like most of the others that were edited. I did my best to actually remove those too, by following the editing patterns from the other camera shake groups. I carried over the changes to “LANDING”.

As I said, this is utterly experimental: don’t expect it to work as we logically expect, but if you do try it please report any inconsistencies you find (not things you think should be different – that may come later – just bugs relative to the purpose).  I do hope it works great on this first try.  If it does, we can hand it back over to @nelis1846 ready for 1.55 if that is what he’d like.


Compatibility details: This mod alters the file:

Any other mod that also alters this file will not be compatible.

Unlimited Photo Mode Radius + No Clip + Camera Speed (optional)

IMPORTANT: This mod is now part of my “AUTO MOD BUILDER – UPDATER – MOD SCRIPT SYSTEM” and can be build on your own with a few clicks.

  1. Download the tool and extract it
  2. Copy the mod script (.lua) file from the ModScriptCollection folder to the ModScript folder
  3. Enter your No Man’s Sky game folder path into the NMS_FOLDER.txt
  4. Click the BuildMod.bat
  5. When asked enter “y” to copy the mod to your mods folder (it also gets created into the root folder of the tool)

When the mod doesn’t get created you need to wait until monkeyman updates the MBINcompiler tool.


Mod Description:

Unlimited Photo Mode Radius + No Clip (fly through ground and walls with photo mode camera to better detect caves)

For No Man’s Sky 1.7 NEXT Update.

Optional with photo mode cam speed increases:
1x (normal), 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x

“Unlimited” means 10000000 instead of 100 😉

This mod modifies the “GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN”.

Now with auto mod updater included.

Many thanks to monkeyman192 for his huge efforts towards the NMS modding community and his work on the mbin compiler.

Mod made by Mjjstral aka MetaIdea

Contact: [email protected]