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Hello Mods – A community title to replace ‘Hello Games’ in the start menu

Since a lot of the game has been improved on by Modders (improved is subjective, of course.), I have decided to put together a loading screen gimmick for those who are passionate about their mods, or just hate Hello Games (I don’t hate HG but still, why not make a mod, since it’s adapted by modders, right?)


I didn’t know what to actually put on the icon circle, since people might not like what I put there. I stuck with the classic spanner design (stereotypical mod logo, right?) and used ‘Hello Mods’ as the text.


Obviously this isn’t official and doesn’t represent the community as a whole – just those who wish to use it. After all, this is a mod.


Also this is not against any EULA, since the mods I, we, have made modify the game which *technically* means I can change the Hello Games logo. i hope. Anyway, enjoy the mod!