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NMS Ultratool

I often found myself doing a lot of math when planning production of trade commodities, and was always frustrated that I couldn’t find a solid tool online to streamline it for me. So I went ahead and built one myself.

NMS Ultratool has two primary functions: a crafting calculator and a build planner. 

  • Crafting Calculator: Tells you exactly what and how much resources you’ll need to craft a target number of a specified product in one go. After calculating, you can push the data to the build planner.


  • Build Planner: Helps you plan a base for production. Features a function for automatic solar configuration to make power less of a hassle to figure out.
    • Also allows for saving and loading of build plans for later use.

Note: I am relatively new to software development, so I’m originally releasing this as a beta. While I am actively working to squish any bugs I find, weird things can happen. If you find any bugs or have any constructive feedback for me, I welcome it.

No Man’s Science for 1.7 (Chemistry Fixes)

Does the plethora of chemical inaccuracies in No Man’s Sky bug the hell out of you? If you’ve taken basic chemistry class and even paid the least bit of attention, it probably bugs you that you can’t just lap some hydrogen and nitrogen together to get ammonia, or the fact dioxite is notated as CO2, yet it’s a different “element” and you can’t react some oxygen with carbon to get some of that sweet blue drank.

Well, do I have the mod for you? (The answer is yes, yes I do.)

If you liked my previous mod Chemically Correct, then you’ll be happy to know this is that mod but on gorilla steroids.

All elements that should be compounds or diatomic elements and such have been totally redesigned in a vanilla look so you can actually tell what the hell you’re looking at.

No longer will you have to search the wiki for how the hell to make oxygen through convoluted metal combinations!
Away are the days you have to wonder “how the hell did I turn pure phosphorus into a plant?”

Do you know the chemical equation to make pyrite?
Great! Go grab some iron and sulfur (sulphurine in-game) and make yourself some rocket fuel!

If you’d like to extract some ammonia from some fungus, just slap that plant in a refiner and add a catalyst (the reward varies on the strength)


If this mod seems unbalanced, or you have any suggestions or bugs PLEASE message me about what the issue is so I can fix it ASAP.
This mod is my baby and I intend to care for it.

Contact me preferably through Reddit (u/PetrikM) or discord (@petrik#0940).


This mod was nearly impossible, but with the help of the new modding tool AMUMSS ( it was possible.

I’d like to personally thank and credit AMUMSS devWberto a hell of a lot for all of the help he gave me in making this mod possible, as it took many many hours to find and delete all 167 trash recipes from the game and add about 50 new ones. Without AMUMSS this process would have been very difficult to locate every recipe and delete them correctly along with adding the new recipes, without compiling errors. By coding loops in Lua, we were able to efficiently and effectively delete all of these recipes whilst avoiding file errors. With his help, I was able to successfully make this mod reality, so I can finally use refiners without getting super pissed. If you are a modder I HIGHLY recommend this tool, as it makes editing EXML files a hell of a lot easier, especially for large scale projects such as this one.

To combine this mod with another that edits DEFAULTREALITY.MBIN it must be coded with AMUMSS.

DeGrindifier X3000

A simple mod to adjust the three things I feel add the most unnecessary grind to the game. Part one of the X3000 series of balance mods I am working on.

Voltaic Cells: Reduced crafting cost from 50 to 10.

Copper Wire: Reduced Crafting cost from 20 to 5.

Space Station Terminals will now sell from 50 to 250 of any resources, and from 4 to 10 of any components. Regular market terminals will sell from 50 to 100 resources.

The number and type of items for sale is unaffected.


On request, I have added a version with all discovery rewards increased by 10x, and a version with all Star Trade items at 4x base value. (Now that you can buy up to 10 dynamic resonators at a time, that last one is a bit unbalanced.)