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Classic Crystals Mod Pack


I am releasing my first MOD for No Man’s Sky! If you open and look at the inner parts of the PAK file it might be quite messy at first glance, but it works. This is the first version, which I will update throughout time as I figure out more on adding, replacing,editing and messing around with the MBIN files. It’s a fun experience so far and I hope everyone who liked the aesthetic look of these crystals enjoys this MOD.

This mod should be compatible with almost every MOD on this website as long as they don’t mess with any files related to the main Crystal Model and Texture folder/MBINS such as the other crystal replacement mod on this site is not compatible but should be the only MOD not compatible. I tested this with 16 MODS and no problems appeared.

What Doesn’t Work:

  • Crystal textures are procedural but the elements are not i.e. Titanium or Chrysonite no longer spawn on planets but can still be obtained in space raids on freighters or from space stations/traders. I plan to update this in the next version! I am pretty sure how to fix it, I just have not found the time because of the Holidays.

If you are interested in Modding this game head over to the /r/NoMansSkyMods subreddit if you haven’t done so already, lots of help and information is on that subreddit.