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Metroid Prime HUD

I here am starting this HUD project and releasing WIP version here because i think people might find this hud amazing 🙂

Right now i’ve edited a bunch of the basic things.
things im gonna work on surround:

– Crosshair (is in the mod now but still awaiting what people think of it. might undergo change)
– Ship ui
– Weapon UI
– Inventory screen
– and if possible the rest of the hud, but its kinda hard to do for me atm.
i am by no means a good XML editor i am very beginner, the fact that im actually changing things is a wonder xD

there is also a Intro Screen which is actually available right here:

Have Fun using this 😀
also please rate and leave a comment 😉

p.s. this mod does not work together with other mods that change any of the same hud textures.

made a github for the people who care what im doing and maybe suggest things 😀