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CONSTRUCTS is a mod that attempts to introduce various fully custom sci-fi objects into the game, adding mysterious, artificial structures spread across different planets. This mod is also a tech demonstrator of NMSDK, the specialized Blender plugin and toolset for creating custom No Man’s Sky content!

===[ FEATURES ]===

  • Adds a variety of objects, sometimes massive, into the game that spawn as part of the world!
  • Completely new models and textures created by yours truly!
  • Structures with procedural elements as demonstrated in the procedural spires, procedural towers, and procedural silos!
  • Trade post with functional landing pads and terminals!

===[KNOWN BUGS]===

  • Some models have odd collisions. These objects will be rectified soon.
  • Some structures have incorrect rendering of normals. These objects will be rectified soon.


It takes GREAT time and effort to produce even just a single model! Help me get myself fed so I can work on more mod content and rescue me from my boring life of being a graphic design freelancer!