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After lots of similar MODs that tried the same I found a new way to increase the asteroid render distance. This is the best I could get.

This is not compatible with other mods that change the asteroid fields (like Lo2K´s asteroid fields) or mods that change the size of the solar system but it is compatible with Lo2K´s asteroid hits.


VIP’s TechnologyTable mods (Super hyperdrive and upgrades, 5% launch cost and unlimited jetpack)

Super-HyperDrive mod:

  • Sets the default jump distance to 2000000 ly

Super-HyperDrive upgrades mod:

  • Sets the default jump distance to 500 ly
  • The hyperdrive upgrade increases the jump distance by 2000, 40000 and 800000 from levels 1 to 3 respectively

5% launch cost versions:

  • Same as above with added 5% launch cost mod

Unlimited jetpack versions:

  • Same as above with added unlimited jetpack mod (Unlimited is actually 10 million, default is 3.5, if enough people ask for an increase i’ll increase it.)

bit cheaty but it was requested.

The galaxy map screenshot only shows up to 1300, i didn’t have time to go further. The mod shown in the screenshots is the 2000000 ly one, my ship was by default at 153 ly max jump distance or something like that.

Mods by VIP.

Batch MBIN Processor


This tool allows you to batch extract, decrypt, edit, and repackage files for the game No Man’s Sky using MBINCompiler and PSARC.

Example mod and presets are included to get you started.


Special thanks to monkeyman192, theFisher86, and those helping them for making tools like this possible.

About Merging:

Certain mods can’t be concatenated with the merge option.

  • Instant Button Reaction
  • More Ships Per System
  • Photo Mode Unlocker
  • E.T. Ecology
  • For Science
  • Any mods that can’t be compiled with MBINCompiler

To merge mods, you need to use both the –merge and the -f flags to force new PAK file creation. Some mods being merged may make the game crash because their keys are being reconciled automatically. If this happens, you can try renaming the mod you prefer to have first priority so it comes first alphabetically inside the BMP directory.