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Atmospheric Weather Mod

I watched the early video trailers of No Man’s Sky, and noticed, that there is dust and rain effects while the spaceship is flying, but the final product doesn’t have it.

While it’s raining or snowing or having a dust storm upon exiting the space ship, but it’s clear weather, while flying over the surface. I added the effect of dust and rain (depending which planet and its climate).   It’s still first version, so it may look ridiculously foggy and rainy, I may offer other versions with less fog/rain/snow or entirely other behavior of the atmosphere.  

What does this mod do: 
1. Flying above the surface in the space ship, you will see dust/particles/rain/snow and fog effects, just like you’d be on the ground. 

2. Be prepared, that this mod limits visibility by a great deal. 


1. You may experience heavy fog/dust/raining while flying, but upon landing, it may be calm.   The flight weather is a separate entity from the actual weather and there can only be 1 option, while the actual weather (on foot) varies, and the weather is based on randomness. 

P.S. : Compatible with HQ smoke/weather mod, since that mod modifies the texture files. 


Edited files: