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Less AI Ships

This Mod removes all or some of the AI ships noisily flying in the planets atmosphere or turning forever above outposts.

This is a revival of Kamosabe’s “No Random AI Ships on Planets” Mod, working with the latest version of No Man’s Sky: Beyond.

There are two versions of this mod, please use only one:

  1. Mod_NoAIShips.pak removes all AI ships on planets.
  2. Mod_SomeAIShips.pak removes all AI ships except around trading posts.


This Mod may conflict with other Mods modifying the EXPERIENCESPAWNTABLE.MBIN file.

FPS Booster Without Changing UI Resolution (No Man’s Sky NEXT)

Back again for NEXT! Essentially the same as before but I added a new option: Minimal Vegetation!

LowQualityNEXT: Like before, this one will reduce internal resolution and scale, probably it will hurt your eyes but hey, it’s a 7-10 FPS Increase! Won’t change anything related to UI though.

MinimalVegetation: As you might Imagine, Humanity needs to optimize the land by destroying everything for mobility, so most planets WILL look a bit barren (including Lush, sorry). Some special planets are unaffected (I.E. Crystal, Scorched, or the obvious; Dead) so this one can be a bit unreliable at times. Although it will help remove micro-stutter, if you have it. Not really a noticeable increase in performance except if you need the boost, or use both of the mods because you own a heck of a potato (like mine obv.)

This is optimized for Low-End PC, so I don’t know how well it will perform if you have a $5,000 rig. Don’t blame me if something unexpected happens. Although, you probably won’t need this anyway.

I can’t guarantee this will work for you or older/newer version. It does work for me (v1.59) and my curiosity test on NEXT V1.50. So if it works for you, then Enjoy!

In-case the Downloads button is a bit moody:

Clean Space for NEXT 1.52

This mod removes all speed lines and dust/plazma from space and from the game. 
The space feels now more deep and vast, without visual disturbances.

*** Compatible with NEXT version 1.52***

Files affected by this mod: 


This mod makes the terrain look much better than the normal game. This mod doesn’t make the whole world a mountain like other mods.WARNING YOUR BASE AND SPACE SHIP WILL GO AWAY IF YOU SPACESHIP IS ON PLANET. LAND SPACE SHIP ON A SPACE STATION. IF YOU HAVE A BASE IT WILL BE IN THE GROUND!!!


This is the first new release of Megaliths for No Man’s Sky NEXT!

Megaliths is a mod that reintroduces existing assets as immensely-sized objects, picked from a roulette, into the game to further diversify the visuals and distinguishability of existing biomes but without having to alter the biomes themselves.

This new release for NEXT qualifies as the newest installment of the mod since Foundation!


Megaliths attempts to list as many vanilla procedural assets and picks two to spawn on every planet. One variation is larger but sparser in density, while the other is smaller but also denser in population.

Imagine dice rolls – for each planet, you roll two dice. You have 25% chance of having no Megaliths, 50% chance of having rocky (rock formations, stalagmites, spikey rocks, etc.) Megaliths, 25% chance of having flora (trees, plants, shrubs, flowers) Megaliths for each dice.



In order to offer up more options, the mod has been divided into various PAK’s. Listed also are any critical files Megaliths has depenencies over for compatibility notice.

_MOD.MSSP.MegalithsNEXT.Core.pak – Contains Megaliths’ various object lists and rules. *REQUIRED*
_MOD.MSSP.MegalithsNEXT.CoreSpawner.pak – Contains the base spawner. The spawner uses LEVELONEOBJECTS FULL and FULLSAFE. *REQUIRED*

_MOD.MSSP.MegalithsNEXT.NotOnHugeBiomes.pak – Overwrites the vanilla HUGEBIOME settings to NOT include any Megalith objects, as these biomes already contain big objects. Overwrites HUGE[word]BIOME settings.+
_MOD.MSSP.MegalithsNEXT.OnDeadPlanets.pak – Allows Megaliths to spawn on dead planets. Overwrites the DEADBIOME settings.
_MOD.MSSP.MegalithsNEXT.Underwater.pak – For a far smaller chance, Megaliths can spawn in underwater areas of any planet. Overwrites all UNDERWATEROBJECTS[word] settings.

+ Megalith objects are not intended to spawn in WEIRD biomes as those biomes have a specific theme, and WEIRD biome objects are purposely excluded from Megaliths.



Megaliths may cause a change in the composition of flora and rocks in your planet but should not cause any other change.

A Megalith object may potentially spawn over your base but is guaranteed to no longer ever spawn over planetary structures. (thanks to HG for the DistantObjects support!) Megalith objects retain the entity settings of their originals and thus large trees will still give the same output as regular old trees and so will rocks, crystals, and so on. Megalith objects inherit collision settings from the original assets including vehicle/starship collision behavior. If it does not have collision, terrain-manipulating the origin of the object will cause it to disappear if desired.

Some objects are extremely large – beware of your decent as you enter a planet.



Making mods is fun, but hard work! If you have a dime to spare, please show your appreciation with a kind donation! It will allow me to give more time to modding than face the unfortunate circumstance of how crappy the planet Earth is for everyone right now!

Better Environment

I really liked the Extreme Terrain mod but it hasn’t been updated yet, nor do I know if it ever will be, so I decided to do so myself, and extra.

There are 3 pak files included; One is the Extreme Terrain version of the mod which has all of the values copied over from the Extreme Terrain mod, and it should be known that this version has glitches. By “glitches” I mean that with the Extreme Terrain version, the mountains are so high that you have things like visual clipping (you can see through the ground), and invisible terrain, so this one’s probably best just for screenshots. Another pak file is the stock version, which has the maximum height you can make the landscape without having the aforementioned glitches. Both of these version allow for there to be planets completely covered in water. Finally, there’s the No Water Level Change version which is like the stock version, except keeps the water level as is default in the game so that water planets don’t occur.

Now there’s newly added alternatives to the current mods which make slopes steeper, therefore making clearer defined mountains.

More info on the values changed in the README provided.
To give an idea on the landscape (hills and mountains) increase amount, the non-Extreme Terrain versions make seas deeper, and DOUBLE the landscape height, which you can also see exampled in the screenshots provided.



Link to the Extreme Terrain mod.