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Common Traveler for Atlas Rises

Common Traveler for Atlas Rises
Author ActionOfLost aka Vectors85

Modding is current on hiatus on my side, as soon as thing get sorted out in my personal life, I will get back at it and update this mod.

However, in the mean time if anyone has the knowledge and desired to update or maintain this mod, I can promote it to the official download and give the due credit (just PM me and I will give you the master file I’ve started working on and all the reference doc of the change I have).

See changelogs for update detail

Make moving across the world way less painful by changing the Geobay construction cost, farming tweak, changes to Exocraft vehicle (speed, boots) changing the stamina meter, a lots of tweak to spaceship flight and mechanic, tweaking some tools and tweaking the economy. All of this, in multiple module and by trying to retain a balance


BROKEN BY UPDATE: For those interested only in the black notification background change, a separate mod is now available to download here :BROKEN BY UPDATE

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Following multiple request and seeing that the scope of the mod touch to many aspect, I decided to separate the more component that I could to allow a better compatibility with other mods. Following this change the menu of Nexux Mod Manage has been adjusted, but for manual installation you will now need to install one of the .pak for those “Core” type folder and then copy (can be all of them) the .pak of the “Option” type folder into your MODS folder

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// Default

  • Geobay construction cost only 50 iron
  • Decrease the construction cost of container to 50 iron
  • Reduce the cost of Cube room to 25 iron
  • Hydroponics tech now required resource every hours
  • Double the amount of charge you can put in the terrain manipulator
  • Change the ship planetary launch cost to allow 10 takeoff with a full tank
  • 1 warp cell craft from 500 plutonium fully charge the hyperdrive
  • Support Nexus Mod Manager with custom menu for installation

// Geobay Only

  • Only contain the Geobay construction cost change

// Harder Geobay

  • Increase the Geobay cost to required 100 iron, but include all the other change from the default version

// No Hyperdrive

  • The Hyperdrive mechanic are like the vanilla game, but include all the other change from the default version

// No Hyperdrive NoGeobay

  • The Hyperdrive and Geobay change are not present in this version, but include all the other “non construction cost” change from the default version

// Permadeath

  • The takeoff cost is half the original but still allow for limited launch
  • No hyperdrive change in the permadeath version
  • The Geobay cost is 100 iron and 1 Voltaic cell
  • Plus all the other change from the Completed version except the Hydroponics tweaks and the “construction cost” changes

// RaYRoD_E3CM

  • A compatibility version for RaYRoD’s E3 Conversion Mod that contain all changes from the Complete version
    • This this is only for the version that contain “Weapon And Tech Overhaul”, the default one are compatible with all version of this mod

// Zero Launch

  • Completely remove the cost of takeoff in the “ZeroLaunch” version, but include all the other change from the default version


:: OPTIONS TYPE (standalone)::

// Build Part

  • Allow placement of container on planet
  • Remove the “Remove Grass” on all building except floor

// Economy Scan

  • Increase scanning reward
  • Increase merchant item available for sale and amount of them

// Fast Boot

  • Remove unnecessary event during initial loading for faster boot time

// Fire Market

  • Increase the profit margin during the sale on the market tradable product for both the station and the player
    • Meaning that ‘in demand’ item will cost more, but will sell for more

// Peaceful Audio

  • The creature sound is now less cluster, time between each sound is now x5
  • Remove the “Scare” sound effect of creature

// Realistic Farming

  • Reduce the grow time of all plant (vanilla time divided by 3, round up to the closes multiple of 5)
  • Hydroponics consume fuel 10 time less than vanilla

// Space Effect

  • Greatly reduce the weird light halo around planet (see images)
  • Tweak the Sun orbit period to get 1 second equal 30 second in game
  • Thin the light speed particle, make them smaller and remove their color (see images)
  • Reduce the boost screen effect strength (see images)
  • Change the Warp transit effect for Blackhole
  • Remove the light at the end of the Blackhole transit effect
  • Made the light particle white in the transit animation
  • And other graphical changes…

// Space Flight

  • Various tweak in speed, boost and control for planetary and space travel, allowing a faster yet balance experience
  • The space pulse speed is double and tweak, so moving across a solar system is faster but not broken

// Stamina Tweaks

  • Increased the stamina to fit more realistic running distance

// UI

  • Custom loading screen
  • Change the blue background of notification at the bottom right for a faded dark like the rest of the UI
  • And other changes…

// Vehicule Run

  • Make all ground vehicle (Exocraft) faster than vanilla
  • Ground vehicle (Exocraft) boost can be use infinitely at the cost of fuel
  • Allow ground vehicle to be summon from a greater distance on a planet, once the Geobay is constructed

—–    —–    —–    —–    —–               —–    —–    —–    —–    —–

– Know Issue –

  • Due to the interface being design to show two page in the merchant screen, it will still display as such. Just continue pressing A/D or use the Button to get past the second page (now merchant have 4 pages of goods)
  • The language pack created an error and was remove from version 2.7, the plant description time as reverted to vanilla (time divided by 3)

—–    —–    —–    —–    —–               —–    —–    —–    —–    —–

: Thanks :

Big thanks to PraiseTheLordSpacePug for the original mod idea, to JJhookah for the concept of Hyper-Drive Upgrade, JovianStone for the idea that I could modify GCPLAYERGLOBALS via HEX like he did in his mod Walk- Sprint- Swim Speed Increased, the awesome work done in Faster Farming by ClaryKitty, BootScreen by RaYRoD for half the work in “FastBoot”, Alex Marquis with No glowing light around planet for inspiration in the “SpaceEffect” module, a really big thanks to pabs235 (go check is other mods) for is invaluable help on the text shadow issue and let’s not forget monkeyman192 for updating the compiler tools needed to make mod

Ping me if I forgot someone

Special thanks to everyone, that have posted comments or recommendations