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NMS Ultratool

I often found myself doing a lot of math when planning production of trade commodities, and was always frustrated that I couldn’t find a solid tool online to streamline it for me. So I went ahead and built one myself.

NMS Ultratool has two primary functions: a crafting calculator and a build planner. 

  • Crafting Calculator: Tells you exactly what and how much resources you’ll need to craft a target number of a specified product in one go. After calculating, you can push the data to the build planner.


  • Build Planner: Helps you plan a base for production. Features a function for automatic solar configuration to make power less of a hassle to figure out.
    • Also allows for saving and loading of build plans for later use.

Note: I am relatively new to software development, so I’m originally releasing this as a beta. While I am actively working to squish any bugs I find, weird things can happen. If you find any bugs or have any constructive feedback for me, I welcome it.

Speedy Growth and Harvest for Small Farms, NEXT 1.77

This is my first mod for No Man’s Sky NEXT. In fact, this is my first mod ever.


If you dis like the lengthy growth times for NEXT 1.55+, this will help considerably.

For all the plants, your growth and harvest times are no more than 1/2 hour real-time.

It’s great if you have a small farm, or just starting out.

It is completely OP if you have a lot of farms, though.




Fix Farming Times to Pre-1.55

This mod reverts the changes to growth times of all farmed crops to the Pre-1.55 times.  No other 1.55 changes are reverted.


This mod changes the following files and is incompatible with other mods that change them:


NipNip Plant Fix

This mod fixes the error associated with planting NipNip. It leads to the fact that you can not put NipNip outside the building outside the hydroponic block.

But my mod fixes it! Now you can plant NipNip on any planet with a forest biome. (Simply say, if StarBulb grows on this planet, you can plant NipNip)

Also, even if you delete the mod, then all the NipNips you planted will remain! And other players will also see them!

Faster Farming

Faster Farming
increases the speed at which base plants grow, by twice, or 4 times their original speed. There is also a version to affect only the slowest plants, and get their growth speeds to match the average of most other plants.

I made it due to the fact that the game pauses when tabbed out, so I couldn’t let my plants grow whilst doing other things, and thus the fact that the game needs to be actively focused in order for them to grow. This doesn’t solve that issue, but drastically reduces the time the game needs to be running for the plants to grow.

If people ask for it, I may make faster versions.

Mod Versions
Faster Farming x2:

  • Frostwort (Frost Crystal) – 8 minutes
  • Coprite Flower (Coprite) – 15 minutes
  • Gamma Weed (Gamma Root) – 15 minutes
  • Fungal Cluster (Fungal Mould) – 15 minutes
  • Star Bramble (Star Bulb) – 15 minutes
  • Venom Urchin (Sac Venom) – 20 minutes
  • Gravitino Host (Gravitino Ball) – 30 minutes
  • NipNip (GekNip) – 30 minutes
  • Mordite Root (Mordite) – 30 minutes
  • Albumen Pearl Orb (Albumen Pearl) – 40 minutes
  • Solar Vine (Solanium) – 60 minutes
  • Echinocactus (Cactus Flesh) – 60 minutes

Faster Farming x4:

  • Frostwort (Frost Crystal) – 4 minutes
  • Coprite Flower (Coprite) – 7.5 minutes
  • Gamma Weed (Gamma Root) – 7.5 minutes
  • Fungal Cluster (Fungal Mould) – 7.5 minutes
  • Star Bramble (Star Bulb) – 7.5 minutes
  • Venom Urchin (Sac Venom) – 10 minutes
  • Gravitino Host (Gravitino Ball) – 15 minutes
  • NipNip (GekNip) – 15 minutes
  • Mordite Root (Mordite) – 15 minutes
  • Albumen Pearl Orb (Albumen Pearl) – 20 minutes
  • Solar Vine (Solanium) – 30 minutes
  • Echinocactus (Cactus Flesh) – 30 minutes

Only Slowest:

  • Gravitino Host (Gravitino Ball) – 15 minutes
  • NipNip (GekNip) – 15 minutes
  • Mordite Root (Mordite) – 15 minutes
  • Albumen Pearl Orb (Albumen Pearl) – 20 minutes
  • Solar Vine (Solanium) – 30 minutes
  • Echinocactus (Cactus Flesh) – 30 minutes

1. Navigate to No Man’s SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS and either delete DISABLEMODS.TXT or rename it to something else
2. Create a folder called MODS in the same directory
3. Paste the version of the mod that you wish to use in the newly created MODS folder

Simply delete the .pak file you chose from the MODS folder.

This mod changes the following files, and is thus incompatible with other mods that change them: