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Faster AI Trader Ships

This mod is now under management of modder Lo2K on Nexusmods:


Tired of those slow and unexciting AI ships on planets, hovering by like a bunch of tourists? Make ’em FAST! Enjoy fast and thrilling AI flybys when you least expect it.

You will see the maximum travel speed for AI trader ships on planets increased from a crawling 80u/s to a whopping 250u/s at cruise speed, and an atom-splitting 350u/s for boost. You won’t know what happened ’til you see ’em blazing over the horizon!

Fix Farming Times to Pre-1.55

This mod reverts the changes to growth times of all farmed crops to the Pre-1.55 times.  No other 1.55 changes are reverted.


This mod changes the following files and is incompatible with other mods that change them:


Faster Movement

—–Faster Movement—-

This mod simply increases your movement speed making hiking and exploring no longer a chore

pick ONE of the below levels and add the .pak file to your mod folder

 I recommend starting on Level 3 first.

    Level 1
– Walk Speed      5.4
– Sprint Speed       9
– Jet Pack Boost  NONE

    Level 2
– Walk Speed      6.4
– Sprint Speed       10
– Jet Pack Boost  NONE

    Level 3
– Walk Speed      6.4
– Sprint Speed       10
– Jet Pack Boost  0.6

    Level 4
– Walk Speed      8.4
– Sprint Speed       12
– Jet Pack Boost  NONE

    Level 5
– Walk Speed      8.4
– Sprint Speed       12
– Jet Pack Boost  0.8

    Level 6
– Walk Speed      8.4
– Sprint Speed       16
– Jet Pack Boost  NONE

    Level 7
– Walk Speed      8.4
– Sprint Speed       16
– Jet Pack Boost  0.8


—–Special Thanks—–

Thanks to the people at the No Mans Sky Discord channel

Tub0Crisco – NMS Modding Station
Monkeyman192 – MBIN Compiler