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Better Landings

Spaceship landings in No Man’s Sky have always looked a bit silly, just dropping to the ground at 10+ feet. This mod aims to make landings look and feel more careful by reducing the “drop height” to about 2 feet. Aside from that, the spaceship will not tilt its nose up so much during the landing descent.

Superman Movement

can’t upload for some reason get updated version here¬†

For Visions. This mod basically allows you to fly. Made the jetpack more powerful and much faster in forward motion. Jetpack should use almost no fuel while moving forward. Also walk 2x and run 3x faster (multiple options) Includes versions with Quick Wanted Level Timeout / with quick shield recharge delay and no recoil. Only changes GCPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN

NooBzPoWaH has kindly been updating the mod now with swim faster options


Huge Flying Snakes

This mod tweaks Flying snakes and makes them gigantic… Like Godzilla sized.
There are 3 versions to pick from, Bigger, Huge and Godzilla.

Flying snakes can bypass the current creature size limit which is about 7 meters. In the screenshots you can see a 55m Flying Snake…

Enjoy ?

There is a bug in the Godzilla versions where the Flying Snakes have a really wiggly wacky tail…