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Multiple player freighters on the same system in multiplayer


Normally, when you try to warp your freighter in a system where another’s player freighter is present, the game prevents it with the message “Other players freighter already present”. What this mod does is remove that restriction.

It does that by modifying the file GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL.MBIN (so it will conflict with any mod that already modifies it). The only change that this mod does on that file is changing the flag for MultiplePlayerFreightersInASystem from false to true.

It does the same as this one but for the latest version of the game.


Just to be sure, make a backup of your savefile before trying this mod.


If you have this mod and other people in your party doesn’t, the other players will still be able to see and visit your freighter like normal, even if another player’s freighter is already present in the system.

Only the players with this mod installed will be able to override the freighter limit in a system. Take this into account if you plan to play with people that doesn’t have it. For example, if you’re playing with a friend, and you have the mod and your friend doesn’t, if you warp your freighter first inside a system, your friend will not be able to warp theirs. In that case, I would recommend that your friend warp their freighter first and then you, but taking into account that, after your freighter arrives at the system, your friend will not be able to move or warp again theirs.

Freighter Control – Allows Multiple Player Freighters in System


This mod changes GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL and anything that modifies that file will be incompatible with this modification.


This tweak allows you to spawn your freighter in a system with other player freighters in the system. This tweak has been tested with two freighters but I do believe it should work on more than that.


  • My friend doesn’t have this mod, can I still warp multiple freighters in the system?
    • Yes! To do this through your friend must load their freighter in first then you can drop yours down!

Freighter Warp Reactor / Hyperdrive Upgrade recipes (NEXT)

This Mod will give you the chance to collect Freighter Hyperdrive Upgrade recipes.

As I did not found any valid comment on how to earn Freighter Hyperdrive Upgrade recipes in NMS NEXT and because I believe that this is a must have if you can warp with your Freighter, I had decided to create a Mod which will give you the opportunity to find these technology recipes by looting crashed Freighters.

All you need to do is fixing freight containers at Freighter crash sites.

In total there are three recipes to earn (level A, B and C). The reward system will randomly give you a recipe after fixing a broken container (depending on the chance you have choosen). 

As it turns out not to be possible to change the chance of finding recipes I made two new Versions.
The first version will give you a 6.25% chance of finding one of the recipe by fixing a container. This results from the possible loot which might be in them (15 possible items/money and 1 recipe list = 16). 

The second version will give you a 100% chance of finding the recipes. For this to work I had to disable all other possible items. So you should only use it for learning these recipes and delete the mod after that!

The mod takes no influence on the order of the rewarded recipe! This will be random (e.g. you may will earn level A before C)!

You can also unlock all recipes and delete this mod as it may not work with other mods which are using the REWARDTABLE file!

Please report any Bugs or Problems you may encounter with this mod.

Disclaimer: You are free to change, enhance and distribute this mod. 


As the upload function did not recognize my zip file, I copied it to Google Drive. Will try to upload again on this site as well.


This MOD uses the great objects from the CONSTRUCTS MOD and puts them into space just like big ships or stations. Looks amazing !


The spawn method is based on Nadalee´s / Gamergirl´s SPACEWHALES.


Nyxara’s Dialogue Fix! (ENG)

Has it ever bugged you that you have all the words in No Man’s Sky, yet the Freighter Captains and Nanite Vendors still had missing words? Well not any more with this mod! It adds new words to the races that allows you to learn the words required to finish the dialogues!

Shoutout to Ket for finding the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to finish this mod!

This file modifies the following .mbin files;



Quieter Freighter Warp Sound

I don’t know why freighters warping in/out have to sound like armageddon.  Aside from the fact that it would actually be silent in space, I don’t know what the devs were thinking layering 2-5 explosion sounds on top of each other….OW, my ears!.

This mod replaces the warp sound with a ‘woosh’ sound that is considerably quieter and does not sound like the world exploded.  (Unfortunately it can sometimes be a bit loud when several ships warp in simultaneously since the audio engine will play the sound on top of itself many times over – but I can’t do anything about shitty audio engine design, and this is way less hard on your ears.)

Updated for NEXT v 1.60  

This mod affects the following files:


Populated Freighters and Space Stations


This mod makes Freighters and Space Stations a little less lonely by adding some more NPCs to each.


  • Access the Galactic Trade Network from the Hangar of your freighter.
  • Take on new missions from the NPC on the Freighter Bridge.
  • Purchase new technology from the NPC on the Freighter Bridge.
  • Freighter Bridge is now more populated with NPCs that you can actually interact with!
  • NPC race changes based on Freighter race.
  • NPC placement is proc-gen.  All Freighters won’t look alike (Mission Giver and Tech Sales NPCs are always in the same place to make life easier though)

Space Stations

  • Transfer items between your freighter directly from the Space Station hangar (fixed in 1.3)
  • Completely rebuilt Space Station Hangar Interior
  • Zero Gravity Landing Pads
  • More Landing Pads!  Which more more ships can land in the Space Station which means MORE TRADING!
  • It looks really cool


Exocraft Scanner Boost

This mod will modify the exocraft scanner to include more options.

To scan certain structures you will need to upgrade your exocraft scanner.

The following scans can be made now:

  • Crashed Ships (ScanLv 1)
  • Traveller Graves (ScanLv 2)
  • Crashed Freighter (ScanLv 2)
  • Observatories (ScanLv 1)
  • Transmission Towers (ScanLv 1)
  • Manufacturing Facilities (ScanLv 1)
  • Alien Shops (ScanLv 1)
  • Trading Posts (ScanLv 1)
  • Planet Bases (ScanLv 1)

Also, alert sounds will now be triggered when a structure is found by the scanner.

I used this mod by Tub0Crisco as reference and added some extra changes. Exocraft Scan Boost

I was not successful when I tried to add a portal scan but you can still find them using with the Monoliths.