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Aliens buildings Overhaul

So, many asked me for a “compilation” of my retextures mods to ease the installation and updates tracking.

Here it is !

In this pak you will found all the main files of my retexture wich include:
– Spacestation main hall (1024* blue-ish)
– Some shared props (retexturing ramps & balcony in spacestation and landpads acces on planets)
– Landpads
– Vy’keen buildings
– Korvax buildings
– Gek buildings (A rustier version that doesnt overlap ALL landpads with gold and marble)

If you’re willing to use some variant version (higher spacestation res. or red version, goldish Gek exteriors…) Just click my name and find those optional files in their dedicated thread ? !

Hope you guys will enjoy those mod.

NB: Korvax buildings may be fully re-retextured soon.

Gek Buildings retext

My third and last part of Aliens building retext: Gek Buildings !

Since this race is the Tradding one, I make the choice to go for something really “pimp” and radically different of the vanilla. Hope you’ll like it !

This mod “overlap” a part of my Landpad one but landpad is still mendatory to get full retext.
Actually the game use the same textures for all landpads + Gek buildings wich kinda annoy me.

Added an optional version Wich doesnt overlap my landpads retext and give a less “pimpy” look to the exterior

Anyway, I realy think those textures are working fine but if you have any change suggestion, let me know

For more retext:
Korvax Buildings
Vy’Keen Buildings
Space Station Main Hall