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Carbon Ultra

Carbon Ultra MOD .1 for No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises 1.38
by revevil

Do you get tired of having to blow up asteroids to get Thamium9 just to charge life support? What about being stuck on a hostile alien world with no plutonium or zinc in sight? Now, you can just put off collecting those isotopes to charge your technology while you just harvest your standing planters!

This mod was originally intended to just charge life support from carbon. However, there are now 3 levels of carbon-charging you get to choose. This mod was inspired by KurzonDax’s CarbonLife mod and Carbon Shield by bybb. You can only choose one file at a time:

Level 1 – Life support only
Level 2 – Life support + Hazard Protection + Aeration Membrane
Level 3 – Life Support + Hazard Protection + Aeration Membrane + Launch Thruster + Pulse Engine + Vehicle Engine

Created with NMS Modding Station and MBINCompiler, thanks to the authors of this great software!

Please leave comments and let me know if the mod works or does not work for you. I have done a lot of testing now and currently without any problems. Thank you.