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Better Black Hole Icon

This mod replaces the default icon (black & white star) used to mark black holes in the galactic map with the actual icon (swirly thing) intended for the purpose.  Cheers!

Modifies: GccGalaxyGlobals

Note:  The purple icon from previous versions no longer exists in the game files.  The new icon is plain white with a hexagonal border.

Icon file used: GMAP.BLACKHOLE.DDS



What this MOD does:

  • Increases number of generated bases.
    Do you know that problem, when you found a nice beautiful planet that you want as your home planet but you cannot find a base ?
    This mod increses the number of bases, so you can find a base on every planet in about 2 or 3 minutes.
  • It provides a permanent and scanable icon for every base so you can easily find / see it when you come near in a 50,000 distance.

You can chose one or both of these options.


Use the Binoculars (less icons)


For a better immersion, clear your view from most of the icons, reveal them only using the Analysis Visor. 
Based on LATTYHO’s mods, ie “Remove Intrusive Building Icons / Remove Discovered Buildings Icons / Undiscovered Building Icon Remover” this will remove most of icons from the plain view. They will appear only with use of Analysis Visor, so on foot.
While flying tho, the text appears on destination while hoovering. Sadly future technology has no clue on how to project those info on the cockpit window ;o)

 – 4 options, choose and install only one of them –

  • _MOD.zUseBinoc_v96.pak : icons are revealed by the use of Analysis Visor.
  • _MOD.zUseBinoc_NoCircle_v96.pak : undiscovered structures and creatures don’t shows ripples. Discovered building still emit some hexagonal ripples (which may help navigation).
  • _MOD.zUseBinoc_NoCircleHex_v96.pak : No ripples coming from structures or creatures.
  • _MOD.zUseBinoc_NoHex_v96.pak : discovered structures don’t show hexagonal ripples.

I recommend using the “Less Intrusive Icon” mod from TinyLittleBits for a more complete immersion.

Icons are not shown on the HUD in while flying your spaceship (obviously those binocular are to heavy to hold them with one hand and keep the other one onto the stick), but you can use the tagging building system…

Icon Overhaul

K so this mod changes almost every Icon in the game, it is one of my more advanced mods.

All of these icons were made using high performance graphic suite

Please let me know what you think as a lot of work went into making this as beautiful as possible.

Perfomance increases when using this mod due to compression algorithms. 

As always, have fun and good luck!


-Created By Pottymouth222