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Inst Binocular Scan & Hot Spot Range with EXTRAS

Update – NMS v2.61 (Desolation)

Use only 1 of the Files:

Main – [InstaBin.pak]
Instant Binocular Scan for every new discovery +100% increase in Hot Spot range from 400u to 800u.

Extra + Main [InstaBin_NBTL_BSTR.pak]
Merged: No Blinding Torch Light Strength from 4 to 2
Merged: Better Ship Transfer Range from 50 to 200

Not compatible with any mod that modifies GCGAMEPLAYGLOBALS.GLOBAL
If requested, I can combine it with other incompatible mods or add additional features to it.


Old instant miner went AWOL so I updated to the latest template to fix the description bugs, increased the power, and built in a rework of the smaller debris mod, this one being 1/10th the size and all models shrunk now, vs the other mod missing some resources.

This mod will cause many particles and debris to form instantly. The forced smaller debris helps cut down any lags I’ve encountered.

I also found and forced a white colour for the mining beam, or alternatively you can use the “_MOD_Frenchys.AtomicLaser-red” version for the railgun red colour. The muzzle colour has also been updated to match the beam colour for each mod.

The MW prefix is for MegaWatt, and is an instant-kill, instant mining laser as well.