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Grass Correction (Vulkan Compatible)

This mod corrects the issue where grass fails to spawn on slight inclines, leaving huge areas as a patchy, craggy, terrible-looking mess. This mod changes no colors on its own. It Helps both lush grass types fill in correctly (both the taller grass types and the newer short type) and carries over the same grass fix to the megaexotics as well.

Works with experimental Vulkan update!

The mod alters ten files:



It is, overall a simple mod which only alters grass densities and grass spawn behavior on slopes. I have other plans for bigger changes, but I decided this grass correction made a phenomenal standalone mod.

Anyone who wishes has my permission to cannibalize, reverse engineer, or otherwise “steal” this work for any purpose that they desire.

Known issue: The grass generation sometimes fails when nearby larger floating islands (two grass layers overloads the placement mechanism). Ithis only causes grass not to appear normally, and does not harm performance or do anything permanent.